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Review on CaveCrysis server

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avatar VKj
Level 30 : Artisan Creeper Hugger
Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement. only a review of the server.
One of my good players wrote this to me and told me to put this up on pmc:

This is my personal opinion on the amazing server CaveCrysis wich is a PVE awrena based server.
So what do i like most about this server? well, theres tons of custom loot. arenas and such.
I also love how you do not lose stuff upon dieing, wich makes the experience alot more awesome.
You start out with some rookie gear. and get KC (server currency) out of killing zombies in the arena.
And also. i love how you can upgrade your stuff with the KC in a custom villager trades at spawn.
My experience on the server has been truely amazing. and i love when the owner makes higher tier of arenas for people
that are abit further into the server. the zombies will get stronger and faster. i love how when you get like level
350+ you get access to a entirely diffrent area. it is like a space thing. so you go from a cave. to a desert. then like to an underwater bunker then outer space.h
And last but not least. i love how the server keeps track on your mobkills and player kills
BTW. theres an arena wich you can pvp with your custom loot

I have this to  say:
"This server is an entire new experience"

IP: kjj.mcph.eu 24/7

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