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Reviving sense from what once non.

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avatar Gyr0t
Level 13 : Journeyman Robot
As to say, I have returned. I look forward to trying new things, becoming better in my regards, and experiencing the flavor of this site again.


It's been a heck of 7 years. I feel significantly different, and looking upon my previous examples of personality, I don't want them to represent me- so, I am sorry for any time I have been short-sighted or seemingly inconsiderate, that no longer represents me. I would like to provide context where-ever it wasn't, or right my wrongs.

YouTube (Mostly YTP or miscellanious vidya play / entertainment) : http://www.youtube.com/user/HunterMarioWorld
DeviantArt (Odd pieces and experiments, mayhaps similar state to my account on here) : https://www.deviantart.com/theunempire
Twitter (opening up, tad personal, all safe): https://twitter.com/Geatherax
A Tumblr account does exist, but it is considered defunct to some capacity, since, well, the staff don't seem to know how to run their site in consideration of their users, whoops.

-Finishing the Frost Eye skin (considering calling it 'Frost Walker', but I gotta search that up first. lol)
-Metagun Guy skin (from, you may guess, 'Metagun'. Notch has cool taste in game design.)
-G.U.A. related skins (and some more connection to what that is, via links, when I get to that bridge.)
-Updating any personally-considering 'low-effort' skins
-I *might* have a resource pack or few to share in due time, and some more skins to create if I'm inclined, but no expectations of this becoming a running thing.
-Just want to give myself some very minor validation, or have my skins online in some form.

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