RevolutionCraft: A Cursed Minecraft Server for My Friends and I (Weekly Log #1)

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So about 3 weeks ago I started a Minecraft Server with some close friends to pass the time, and I thought it would be a fun idea to blog about it to others so they can see how we are doing. So today I present to you

RevolutionCraft Season 1 Weekly Log #1


We decided that we would build a fighting ring and fistfight each other for fun. We set up a Friday night tournament that we will partake in for a prize. Because we are on Bedrock Edition, I cant record for you to watch. I will post screenshots of matches we hold.

The Village We Made

Our little town is doing great! From here you can see Deadstar111's Castle, The Farming Area, Sky Island Tower, WalkingMars' House, and all sorts of other things!


Now two members, Myself and AwesomePowYT, have elytras. WalkingMars and toast are trying to become the queens of the server.

Hey! That's Me!
(Hey! That's Me!)

That's It!

Thanks for stopping by to see what we are up to! Enjoy your weekend!
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