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Rise of The Sky Army!

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C1ass1f1edKing's Avatar C1ass1f1edKing
Level 26 : Expert Pokemon
Year- 2072
Squids Have taken over the world and have taken all the butter and destroyed it.

Minecraft's last hope:

Sky Army

"Bring me Sky!" said the Squid King "yes sir." replied a squid servent. the servent went to Buttaria the only place where butter is safe and protected by Sky and... a GIANT force field. When no one was watching the squid sneaked into Buttaria.
the squid went to sky's house and kidnapped him. He forced him into a bag with duct tape over his mouth. He was then knocked out with a potion of sleepiness. (Which came out in 1.9.1 Duh.) When he awoke he was in Squid HQ. He screamed "SQUIDS EVERYWHERE !" "Yes Sky and with you here no one is in Buttaria to protect it." Said the Squid king.
"How did you learn to breathe on land? And I have a Force Field protecting Buttaria, so ha You cant get in."
"We have our ways to get in" said a Squid. "We get in using the pond on the east side of the force field." "In fact we have a servent already on his way there he is going to report back when it is ok to sent the squid army." The Squid King included evilly. RINGGGGG RINGGGGG RINGGGGG "Oh there he is now. yea, yes, great, finally, extra butter for you tonight, have fun destroying it. Well looks like the squid army is ready Sky Prepare for the last butter in all of Minecraft to be demolished" Chuckled the Squid King.
"Never!" yelled Sky as he jumped up and pulled out his emergency butter sword.He stabbed, sliced, and diced the squid servants until the only squid left in the room was the Squid King. Sky then ripped the doors open and went to seek the sky army.
Sky first went to get Deadlox. He travelled to the Jungle and found Deadlox and Fluffy (Jerome) doing Bodil40's newest jump map: Epic Jump Map Jungle edition. He then went to the beach to find HuskyMudkipper and Kermit. He found them skinny dipping in the ocean.Sky handed them some butter clothes and washed his eyes in the ocean trying to un see kermit's... stuff eww. He found Bodil40 making a new epic jump map. He then use a rocket ship (added in 1.8.2) and flew to space and found Minecraft universe. when they landed they all traveled to Canada where they found SSundae and Bajan.
" The reason I have gathered you all here is because... Squids are invading Buttaria. and are planning to take all the last remaining butter and destroy it." A loud gasp was heard for miles in all directions. They then set off for Buttaria.
They reached Buttaria after several days of sprinting and already had seen that the rest of the sky army, yes all
3,906,238 of his subscribers were there fighting off the squid army and protecting the remaining butter.

"FOR BUTTER!!!!" screamed Sky's gang of friends they pulled out their emergency butter swords and started

slaughtering the squids one by one until none remained victory was won and the butter was safe.

"I would like to thank Sky army and all of my 3,906,238 subscribers for all of your support" Sky ended with.

The End

For now...

Thank you for reading this and please Comment and subscribe for more.

And check out my other story "The Actual Start of Minecraft"

-The King :D

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08/15/2014 9:44 am
Level 26 : Expert Pokemon
C1ass1f1edKing's Avatar
Wow 1,325 veiws you guys are awesome. and u can make spaceships in 1.8 with slime blocks :}
04/13/2014 3:36 pm
Level 26 : Expert Pokemon
C1ass1f1edKing's Avatar
Hey guys I just came back to check on the story...
I wold just like to say thank you to all of the 1,131 people that have read my story.
I also re-read it and saw that it said that rocketships came in 1.8.2 and as the snapshots for 1.8 come to a close, only two things could possibly happen now: either Spaceships will be added NOW or I was wrong.
08/26/2013 2:45 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Zombie
Fazure's Avatar
Nice story... although you could probably say how they killed the squid king... also what did they do with all those INK SACS?!

06/28/2013 1:29 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
nickmcpwnage_'s Avatar
What's wrong with squids? They have feelings too. [:]==
06/22/2013 11:57 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
cheesesayhi's Avatar
lol nice story..... but I don't see why it would take an army of almost 4 million to kill squids...... BUT DIAMOND FOR YOU GOOD SIR
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