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~Rin~ A Herobrine Tale, Chapter One, a Rewrite!

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avatar Rin_Rin
Level 31 : Artisan Dragonborn
A/N: Hello! I have decided to edit this, as I have improved in writing since the last time, and have also been super busy... I'm sorry about that! I hope to write when I can. Enjoy the story.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
I let out a despairing groan as the alarm clock blared it's irritating tune.
Lazily I reach my arm out, pressing the button that would cause the god-awful noise to cease. I pull myself up into a sitting position, acknowledging the bright sunlight that leaked through the window illuminating the small room. I find the strength to stand up, leaving the comfort of my woolen covers behind, and set off to face the world yet again. I flinch as my bare feet touch the cold wooden floor. I drag my myself to the door that lead to the kitchen. I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. There were bags under my eyes, portraying another night of restless sleep, along with hair sticking out in different directions. Defeat, and frankly too tired to care, I finally reach the door and pull open the handle. Outside, there is the distinct smell of bacon and the slight essence of toast.
   "Good morning, bedhead." I hear my roommate, Ymir tease.
   "You're so mean, Ymir," I whine. She lets out a slight chuckle, ruffling my hair, then made her way to the hallway.
   "I'm going to take a shower, breakfast is on the table."
I hum in response. In the kitchen, a plate of bacon and toast awaited me. This was not surprising, and though I was not always keen on toast, my stomach growled at the thought of not eating it. So, I quickly eat the breakfast that was cooked for me, then got up to put away my now empty plate. I proceed to then make my way back down the hall and into my bedroom, and my normal routine commences. I throw on my high-school uniform, comb my hair, and put on the smallest amount of makeup. When I finish, I find my roommate waiting outside my door, impatiently tapping her foot.
"Took you long enough," she remarks, grabbing my hand and dragging me through the house. We put on our shoes and walk outside into the fresh air. As we begin our commute to the school, I become aware of two voices shouting my name.
  "It's a beautiful day out," I say, trying to ignore the two approaching boys.
  "Amanda, Ymir, wait up!" one of them shouts.

I let out a sigh, realizing it was pretty much pointless to try to ignore them. Bracing myself, I turn around. Sure enough, there was Joe and Drake, our two good friends running quickly towards us. I giggle slightly as one of the boys trips over his own foot, knocking over the other and fall face-first onto the concrete ahead of them.
  "Ouch!" Drake cries dramatically. Rubbing his aching head, he turns his green-eyed gaze up to me. "Amanda!" He then engulfs me in a bone-crushing bear hug. This was normal routine for the strange boy.
  "Hello, Drake." I say, attempting to pry him off me.
  "Hey!" a voice hissed. I then see a hand grabbing Drake's brown hair, thankfully pulling him off of me. "Don't get too friendly with her," Ymir hissed, shooting a threatening glare at him.
"Okay, Okay! I'm sorry!" he stutters, not wanting to piss off the already raging female. Ymir released him from her grip, causing him to almost fall to the floor until a pair of strong arms wrapped around his waist.
  "You okay?" Joe, the brown-eyed boy asked him softly. A light pink dust crept up Drake's face as he nodded lightly. Joe smiled tenderly and gave Drake a small peck on the lips. "Good."   "Okay, lovebirds, hate to interrupt this adorable moment but we gotta get to school!" Ymir shouts, starting to leave.
  "Y-Ymir!" I call, quickly running after her, the couple trailing close behind. We walk through the calm neighborhood, quickly advancing toward the school, which was now visible in my line of sight.
Drake, still flustered from the previous moment, attempted to strike up a conversation. "What do you think we'll go through today? Another boring lecture? Another one of Zoey's rants?" Zoey was the school's very own snobby barbie girl. She would always wear too much make up, make snide comments about the other students, and was richer than the whole school combined. I failed to understand why she wasn't sent to a private school, as it would save us all from her incessant whining. She would always rant about how, 'the kid next to her smelled bad' or, 'the climate of the classroom was bad for her mascara'. These little rants of her's were always pointless, just a call for attention. Our teacher, Mr.Smith, would always try to calm her down but would never send her out, as that would probably ruin his career. I realized that it was probably because Zoey's family was rich and would sue anyone who even tried to talk back to her. We finally arrived at the school, and, as if the fates had heard us, who else but Zoey herself approaches us.
  "Can you two stop being so lovey-dovey?" she sneers at Joe and Drake, "It's revolting."     Joe chuckled bitterly. "Is it because I figured out that I swing the other way before you asked me out?" he asks, a smirk plastered on his face. An offended gasp escaped Zoey's lips and because she could not think of any snarky come-back, she stormed off the other way, most likely to whine to her new boyfriend. Poor guy, she probably black-mailed him into dating her.
  We made our way into the large school building chatting about what torturous lectures the day was to hold. The halls were filled with other students, talking amongst themselves as they walked to their designated classrooms, and some teachers were also outside, preparing themselves for a long day of instruction. As we entered out classroom, many of our classmates were already there. I took my seat by the window, placing my supplies on the wooden desk. As my eyes scan the room, I notice my life-long friend, Harry, glancing around the room. As his blue eyes meet mine, I give him a polite smile as I wave him over.
  "Hello, Amanda!" he chirps, a cheery grin on his face.
  "Hello, Harry. How are you today?" I ask, already knowing the answer.
  "Im doing great, thank you!" The bell rings, startling the boy, who then scurried off back to his seat. Mr. Smith entered, and began his normal morning greeting, before proceeding to teach geometry. I turn my attention to the window, gazing into oblivion. That is when something unexpected and completely off the norm happens.
  A panicked voice came over the loud-speaker. "Attention all students and teachers: We are going into lockdown. This is not a drill!" I was confused. Why was there a lockdown? The teacher quickly closed the curtains to the windows, and told us all to get into the corner of the room. Some of the girls in the class were panicking, but most of us were just confused. As the lights were turned off and darkness enveloped the room, I could not help but wonder if this had to do with the psychiatric hospital escapee they had showed on the news the other day. After a few minutes of sitting in the dark, another voice came over the loud-speaker, signaling that the lockdown was lifted. From there, class continued as usual, without another strange occurrence.   Come lunch time, I met my friends at our usual table, and we began to chat about the morning's strange event.
  "What do you think that was about?" asks Drake, taking a bite from his sandwich.
  "I'm not sure. Maybe it was a false alarm? Like maybe a parent forgot their visitor's badge again." I suggest, knowing that has happened in the past.
  "Perhaps. But I heard that there was a man walking around a little while after the bell rang, and he was in a blue shirt and had brown hair. One of the teachers was out in the hallway, and she saw him According to her, the man had bleak white eyes. How odd is that?" says Ymir, raising an eyebrow.
  "You mean a ghost?" stuttered Harry, his blue eyes wide with fear. "But they shouldn't be here!"
  "And why not? Ghosts aren't limited to abandoned and old places, you know," Ymir comments, crossing her arms.
  "They're not?" Harry squeaked.
  "Stop it, Ymir." I say, not wanting to freak out Harry anymore than he already is. Even so, I the thought of the white-eyed man seemed to linger on my mind. Was this just a prank? Or was it something else?

I woke up, noticing that it was time to go to school. I got ready, got

my bag then headed out the door. I got on the bus to see my friend.
Alexa. "Hi Alexa." I said. "Hmm? OH hi Amanda!"she replied. Zoey, a girl
who had bullied us, has been trying to be friends with us ever sense we
became the most popular kids in school. "Hi Amanda and Alexa! CAn I sit
with you?" Zoey asked. "Sorry Zoey, the seat is full." I said. She
understood then walked away.

AT lunch, something happened. Lets
just say, the school set on fire. Thats when I saw him. The pare of
glowing white eyes, and a miner looking outfit. I whispered to my other
friends, Joe,Drake and Alexa, "Gyes, we have to go after that man." They
looked over my shoulder and saw him, Then he disappeared. One of my
friends named Jake came over. "CAn I come?" he asked. "Sure I guess." I
replied. I saw his face go a little bit red, he was blushing. I didnt
know why yet, but I will figure out.


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