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~Rin~ What in the World- or NOT in the World- Is going On?! (INTRO!)

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avatar Rin_Rin
Level 31 : Artisan Dragonborn
A/N: Hello, everyone! It's me, Rin. I thought of another story for you- and let's hope this one won't be as cringey as the last few. To be truthful, I was still a beginner in writing back then, but now I have gotten farther in my talent. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this story!

Normally, when one hears the word 'creeper,' they tend to think of that one old man who has been staring for a bit too long, or that person trailing close behind as you're walking down the street at night, or the thing watching you from your window right now. I know. I too would've thought the same thing a while ago. However, some...
events occurred that made me think otherwise. Most everyone in this age has heard of the world-famous open-world video game known as Minecraft. It is a game that has been played everywhere- and I mean everywhere- in the world. I remember when that game used to be super popular, but now it's mainly popular with 2nd-6th graders. I myself was in the fourth grade when I played this game. As I got into junior high, I began to move on, forgetting about it for the next few years. Now, lets try to remember some of the 'mobs' that were a part of this game. There was the zombie, ghast, skeleton, spider, witch, and the most popular creeper. This is a creature that is green, has four legs, and explodes as an attack. Most players have a love-hate relationship with these little devils. They're cute but annoying at the same time. I won't go into the topic of the anime creepers. It's best if you stay away from those kinds of things. Unless you want to wave goodbye to your innocent little eyes, then go ahead. I'm getting off topic here, and I still need to say a few things about myself. My name is Yuki Fujimoto. I am a 16 year old girl living in the outskirts of Tokyo, attending Chikako High school. Normally, due to my studies, I don't play video games, but I made an acception when I went over to my friend Chiaki Miyu's house, and she brought up Minecraft. My other friend, Akiko Fukawa was there too. Neither of them knew how to play this good old game, so I agreed to play it for them. That's... where it all began.
"Come on, Yuki! You have to get food, don't you?" Akiko whined, watching me chop down wood. "I have to get a sword to hunt, don't I?" I look back at her, her bored expression twisted into a frown. "You're taking too long," she complains, spinning her can of Coca Cola around in her hand. "How about you try it?" I suggest, smirking slyly at the magenta-haired girl. "Fine. Watch how it's done, ladies." She pushes passed me, taking her seat on the bean bag in front of the television. "But I thought you'd never played it before, Akiko!" Chiaki alleged. "Yeah, Akiko, I heard that too!" I smirk again. Akiko snorts. "You all know that I have beginner's lu-" boom. A creeper had killed her. "You were saying?" Chiaki asks innocently, pushing her red glasses back to the bridge of her nose. "Now listen here you little-"
Suddenly, a loud pop was heard from the upstairs room of Chiaki's mother. "What was that?" Akiko blurted, clearly scared out of her wits. "My... my parents aren't home..." Chiaki shuddered for a moment. "Stay here," I say, starting to make my way up the creaky stairwell. As I ascend the steps, I hear a thumping noise, followed by a grunt. I make my way to the source of the sound, opening the door of the parent's bedroom to see-

A man.

He was dressed in blue, a light blue shirt and some darker blue pants. He had brown hair, which was all disheveled. Not to mention, the man was covered from head to toe in dirt. "Who are you?!" I yell, catching his attention. He scrambled to get up then backed against the wall. "W-wait! Don't hurt me! I-I'm Steve, but I seem to be lost! All I remember is a creeper approaching me and-" "Hold up, a creeper? What do you mean?" I ask, slightly confused on what he had just said. "Y-you know! A creeper, with four legs and is completely green an- " "blows up?" His eyes widen. "Yeah! T-that's it!" My eyes narrow as a low chuckle escapes my lips. "Do you really expect me to believe that? If I must say, you're the creeper here. How did you get into this house, and why?" Did this man actually expect me to believe him? What an idiot. Minecraft is just a game, and there's no way something like that could merge into realit- "Yuki!" My thoughts are interrupted as a frightened Chiaki stands in the doorway, calling my name. "T-There are creepers outside! The ones from the game!" I roll my eyes. "Sure there are. If there were-" "I'm not kidding!" I shake my head and peek out the window. Dear god. She was eight.

They were everywhere.

Not just creepers, but skeletons, zombies, spiders, all of them. I seemed to forget for a moment how to breath. What in the world- or Not in the world- is going on?!

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Wow! This is great. I'm very impressed! Your really good at it, I see a ton of potential! and talent! Keep up the awesome work! How long have you been writing for? ( if you don't mind me asking! ) :D
  • Rin_Rin
  • Level 31
  • Artisan Dragonborn
  • January 28, 2018, 3:54 pm
Thank you so much! That's so sweet of you! ^///^
I've been writing since I was like... 7. I don't know the first time I wrote a "story" was when I was very young. Thank you so so much!

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