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Rise of the Cactus Lord


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avatar StsThorn
Level 4 : Apprentice Warrior
Chapter 1: The Escape

There once was a man named StsThorn. He
lived in the Kingdom of the Sky, Auria. This was a mighty kingdom but
had many enemies. But noone ever thought it could be attacked because it
was on a very tall mountain. But they thought wrong. It was attacked on
all sides by nearly every kingdom around it. It had no chance at all.
StsThorn had guessed something like this was going to happen. He had dug
a tunnel under his house that ran right off the side of the mountain.
He escaped through it to safety and slid down the small part of the
mountain that was left to go down.

Chapter 2: The New Kingdom

After the fall of Auria there was a power struggle of who would be strongest.
Eventually a kingdom named Arenam came out on top. This is where
StsThorn would become what he is today. Now, Arenam was also a large
kingdom like Auria, except unlike Auria, Arenam was a Kingdom of the
Desert. It had massive sandstone walls for inside walls, and even bigger
stone walls for outside walls! StsThorn felt safe inside these large
walls so he knew this would be a great place to live. So he did live
here. He made lots of friends and even started his own spider
extermination service!

Chapter 3: The King That Started It All

Now, eventually the king died and StsThorn discovered that his friend was
running for king! His friend's name was Legomaniac. Legomaniac had many
problems in his past but he knew this would be his big break and that he
had to do this. He pledged to be as good a king as the last king had,
and it seemed to spark people's interest as he got thousands of votes in
one day! 3 Days later when the votes ended, Legomaniac had won!

Chapter 4: The Second

Legomaniac and StsThorn were the bestest of friends! Infact, Legomaniac decided to
make StsThorn second in command! Together, they made the kingdom of
Arenam an amazing kingdom, they were attacked several times and repelled
every attack due to their even more massive walls, now that they had
made them bigger. They took over many kingdoms due to their even more
massive army, now that they had trained more soldiers. They got massive
amounts of resources for building due to theirr even more massive mines
and lumbermills, now that they had more money and resources from
raiding. They were a terrific pair, and Arenam was the bigger than any
kingdom in the land! All seemed well until something horrible happened.

Chapter 5: The Fall and Rise of Arenam

Scouts had discovered a new group of kingdoms banding together to make a
massive army to destroy Arenam. This was a bad thing. Legomaniac and
StsThorn worked as hard as they could to create more walls, more troops,
and more defences. But it was no use. They attacked and killed
Legomaniac. StsThorn just barely escaped. He ran and ran and ran until
he was finally safe. By the time he had gotten far enough away, it was
night time, so he slept in a nearby cave. When he awoke he went looking
for a new city to live in. He went to many cities. Gallifrey, Eureka,
and even Arulen! But nothing seemed the same as Arenam. Eventually
StsThorn came to the final conclusion. He was going to recreate Arenam!

Chapter 6: New Birth

3 Months Later....

It had been 3 months since then and there had been a fine start to the new
Arenam. There were small walls, a little fort, and more than a hundred
citizens and houses. Though there had been rumors of a rebellion.
Apparently, a certain kingdom didn't want a new Arenam! The city was
small though, it couldn't defend against an attack. It seemed these
rumors were correct. There were massive amounts of troops coming towards
them. They had no chance.

Chapter 7: Lightning's Power

Suddenly a storm started. Lightning flashed everywhere. Suddenly it struck the
cactus infront of StsThorn's small throne. The cactus started glowing
and grew staticy. One of StsThorn's advisor's went to touch it and got
shocked and fell over. A few others did the same. Eventually StsThorn
decided that this must have happened for a reason, especially since it
happened right when a massive armor was about to lay seige on the town.
He decided to touch it. He did it and nothing happened. He didn't get
shocked or anything. He took the cactus in his hand and it transformed
into a stick. Suddenly lightning flew out of the stick and made a hole
in the roof! StsThorn knew this was the answer to the army. He left his
fort and went up onto the walls. He pointed the stick at the army, and
suddenly, lightning flew out of the stick and blew up at least 30 enemy
men. He kept doing this until there was so little amount of men that
they instantly fled.

Chapter 8: The Lord

Everyone cheered as the enemy army fled! "All hail the Cactus Lord!" they all said,
thinking StsThorn was a God. He wasn't really a god, but more of a
Chosen One. He was chosen to weild this Godly Cactus. From then on,
everyone called him Cactus Lord and his kingdom was never bothered

                                                                                                     THE END
CreditMedieval Lords of Minecraft, IP: play.mcmedievallords.com

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