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Roblox Doors Entity, G|1TC#

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CrypticMorbid avatar CrypticMorbid
Level 35 : Artisan Artist
And another Roblox Doors Entity, Glitch. It appears to have missing texture like objects on its body with a TV static aura, it's both a helpful antagonist and mischievous...

If you are stuck in a room that you cannot free from, Glitch will give you a good ol' jumpscare but free you of the confines, but any other time it closes in on you, it'll harm you for a random amount of damage with a jumpscare BUT also place you closer to your friends since you are so slow...

Dying by this entity causes the game to dictate your death unknown...

Roblox Doors Entity, G|1TC#
CreditRequest by -GhostFox-

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