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RobotPantaloons' Render Collection

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RobotPantaloons avatar RobotPantaloons
Level 76 : Legendary uwu
Hi there! I've been in the Minecraft 3D rigging and rendering community for a long time, more than 6 years now, starting when I was about 12 years old.

Everything was really in its early stages, not many people made rigs, the first animations were released by Bootstrap Buckaroo with CaptainSparklez and Weedlion also started animating along with BlueMonkey.

The only free rig for Cinema4D was the one from Weedlion, very bare bones. I wanted something more complex with the look of CaptainSparklez' music videos so I decided why not make my own? I got into watching tons of tutorials and repeating things over and over until I figured everything out and I released my first ever rig!

All of this is documented on my old Youtube channel named ShowWander, the more rigs I made the more I learnt and I started selling the rigs I made along with making renders with them for all kinds of people. I made lots of friends in this community and learned a lot and found my passion for animations and everything that makes an animated movie come to life.

I recently got back into creating Minecraft rigs in a software called Cinema4D, and ofcourse you don't let your rigs catching dust when they're finished, you use them! So that's why I also got back into making Minecraft renders, this blog post will be displaying all the renders that I make as well as me explaining the process behind it.


Angry Steve complex character render with background

RobotPantaloons' Render Collection

This render I made fairly recently, when my personal rig started to come together, I wanted to get into making commissions but I didn't have any work that showed what I could do, my absolute best, so I got in the process of creating a few example renders for my commission sheet. This is one of them.

I started this render with the idea to show off my resource pack in a different way than I usually do. The character is complex so he has 3D layers on his arms, legs and body, his hair is 3D as well with some physics behind it that can flow in the wind. I did all of the work on a livestream, after I completed the look of the character I started posing him.

Then I got the map in for the background, added the appropriate textures and started detailing the world. I wanted every piece of grass and every flower to be 3D as well, so I placed all of them in the world.

After that I started getting lighting in, I felt like a sunset would look good, so I changed the temperature in the light and created a nice orange gradient for the sky, while adding the sun. The clouds I made in a way I've never done them before, and I really like how they turned out.

As last I put in some fun other entities as the fly and the bird, not too big so theyre distracting but still fun, makes the pose look like Steve is about to hit the fly. When that was all ready, I could render it all out, in a new method for me, raytracing, giving it a nice look that I really like!

Poultry Man simply character render with background

RobotPantaloons' Render Collection

This render I made for a Youtuber called 'Grian', I watch his videos on the Hermitcraft server alot and they have this gag where he is a secret superhero 'Poultry Man' who spams eggs and chickens everywhere to save the server from evil.

The character didn't take long, it's a simple character and I added the chicken cape for fun and it makes him look more like a superhero.

Then it got to choosing a map, I wanted a gray looking city type of map, and I found one here on PMC, a Gotham City map. I brought the map into Cinema4D and positioned the character onto the talled building, making him look over the area with the pose I gave him.

I created the lighting for this which wasn't hard at all, the temperature of the light went to blue to give a cool dark mood, and I gave the shadow an orange hue. I added the fog with a simple effect in Cinema4D and added the smoke from the chimneys using the same method as the clouds in the previous render.

At last I added in the chickens, using the rig I made in a livestream specific for this render. I wanted a few of them in there close to him, gave them all a pose and added eggs around them. After all of that it was ready to get rendered, using raytracing!

Icefishing Inuït complex character render

RobotPantaloons' Render Collection

I needed another example render for my commission sheet, just a complex character.

I used my inuït skin, made all elements I wanted on his limbs and head 3D, the furr parts. I needed something to make his future pose interesting, so I made a fishing rod for him, modifying the item, giving it a string and the bobber.

I looked online for poses and found one where he sat on the ice with his legs wide, fishing. The facial expression makes him look like hes anticipating a fish grabbing on the hook. I also gave the hand some fingers to make it look like he's really holding that fishing rod and at the same time making the character more complex.

Then I added a sky with a dark gradient, gave the floor the texture of ice and as a final touch in the background I made Minecraft looking Northern Lights. The lighting has a cool tone, with the shadow getting a magenta/purple colour, shining from the back of the character. The last thing I did was making the Northern Lights give off some light to reflect off the character and then it was ready to get rendered!

Bar Rage complex character render with background

I had this idea in my head of scene like a bar fight, I drew it out and started it on a livestream. I had some base skins already lying around so I just had to do some editing to them. When the skins were done I could start adding them to the characters and making elements of it 3D.

I started with the bartender and I don't really go too heavy on how 3D the clothing looks on characters, except for the hair and certain accessories. I gave the buttons and the belt buckle on the bartender some gold material and reflections, to give it some extra interest. And then I started on the angry guy that attacks the bartender.
I had alot of ideas for him but dropped most of them, he ended up having normal hair with some sideburns and a bushy mustache, and a plain shirt with jeans and a belt.

Then I worked on the scene and posing, all poses weren't too difficult, I knew I wanted really expressive poses and I got what I was happy with quite fast. I made all of the surrounding scenery of the bar by hand, not importing a minecraft map like I usually do. I wasn't quite happy with the framing and look of the whole scene though, thats when I flipped the camera to focus on the bartender instead of the angry guy, since he was way more interesting to look at.

I used empty bookshelves for shelving in the back, and made custom glasses for alcohol and beer, plus some bottles. I copied them around the scene and then started on the lighting.

My usual lighting technique is to have one main light to act as a sun, that does all the work and it gives me great results. However this scene was inside and the bar was pretty dark, even when I made the light shine right through the windows. So I added an extra point light above the bar. With this it looked really nice but I can't just have a light there without showing what gives off that light, so I made a lightbulb, and applied that point light to it.

I changed some final bits like the colour and shadow of the lights, giving me the tone I was happy with. When all rendered out you get the result above!

MCMineTube complex character render

MCMineTube commission render. More details about how this is made will be added soon.

Stick By Me complex character render with background

Tribute to Slamacow's animation. More details about how this is made will be added soon.

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2 Update Logs

Commission Render and Stick By Me : 02/09/2019 5:39:28 pmFeb 9th, 2019

Added two renders, one commission and one personal render as tribute to Stick By Me by Slamacow. I'll explain more about the process in the next update. Ran out of time for now.

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02/02/2019 6:12 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Mage
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That robot makes me think of this
"Domo arigato, Mr Roboto"
good job
02/02/2019 8:11 am
Level 76 : Legendary uwu
RobotPantaloons avatar
Haha thank you! I made the robot pretty quick in a livestream
02/02/2019 8:13 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Mage
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