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Roleplaying Sucks At Times

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UnityTwistedSno avatar UnityTwistedSno
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Managing a Minecraft Roleplay server sucks at times. Why can’t people just work together for the greater good?

Why must some roleplayers think only of themselves and low key undermine others ideas? I mean sure sometimes others have some wild ideas but I still promote and support them, while others attempt to avoid them while still expecting that person to show up for their’s. I don’t understand the logic of some people. Now I understand why so many roleplay groups fall apart and are drama filled.

If you guys enjoyed reading this I’m thinking of coming back here to share my experiences with working with a large roleplay groups (106). We do our best to host a roleplays everyday 6pm-10pmEST and when we are able 6pm-10pm GMT+2 when I have time to join I record our sessions and you can watch them on YouTube Unity Roleplays

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