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RP Toa characters

the toa return.

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The Idea:
For those of you who are interested in the rp, this post is just a short back story on the Toa that will be seen in the rp. Now I know some of you have been wonder why there is different toa characters besides the original six that was first posted on there.

For starters we have the toa mata characters, even though they have a different look this is due to debating with a few other of my friends and we decided that for the toa they can not look to much like the G1 or G2 toa because of how people view them. All though some aspects of their designs take after both generations of toa, this does not mean that neither generation will be in the rp.

The Old Toa:

Toa Gali: Originally started as a matoran protector she was given the toa mask of water when she nearly dies saving her village, later on she travels to find the other six toa in order to revive the heart of mata nui only for her to be hunted down by several of makuta`s followers calling themselves the hands of makuta. She was later chased off to an abandon water temple were she hides her toa mask in hopes of someone worthy finding it. Not much is know of her whereabouts after almost as if she disappeared.

Toa Pohatu: Started as a motoran miner he was given his toa mask by a "wandering glatoran" with the mask in his possession he set out to not only protect his village but in high hopes of protecting the heart of mata nui. meeting the rest of the toa he has traveled with them to find the heart of mata nui itself only to fall by the hands of "makuta`s 10th hand".

Toa Kopaka: Once a glatoran forced to fight in the arena for the entertainment of his masters Kopaka broke free of his chains and traveled in hopes of finding who he originally was. On his travels he encountered and elder matoran who offered him a place to stay, later the motoran elder told him of the tales of mata nui and makuta, and how the eldar originally was the toa of ice before he gave his power to save his people only to fail. Wanting to continue the legacy of the matoran elder Kopaka was given his mask and sent off to find the other toa. Later on in his travels with the other toa he gives his mask to a young matoran in hopes of someone else continuing his legacy.

Toa Lewa: Originally was a traveling matoran protector he was given his toa mask when he died to defend a jungle tribe from a horde or rahkishi and visorak. Waking up from his death he was given the task of finding the other toa and reviving the heart of mata nui. On his travels to finding the toa he encounters the toa Kopaka and the two of them later on die together in a last stand protecting the remaining toa.

Toa Onua: Woke up in a desert region with no memory of who he was or how he came to be, he set out in hopes of finding his lost memories. On his travels he encounters Toa Gali and Toa Pphatu who were searching for the other toa. confused when they called him a toa, he traveled with them believing they might have the answers he seeks or at least lead him to them. Later on he gives his mask to a wondering merchant before he was found by the hands of makuta and ripped apart for refusing to surrender the location of the other toa.

Toa Tahu: Originally was a matoran protector he left his village after learning the truth about the village elder, the village elder was really just a servant of makuta attempting to gain control of the matoran tribes. On his travels he stumbles upon a "wandering glatoran" and decides to travel with them. It is through his traveling with this glatoran he learns what it truly means to be a toa and is rewarded with the mask of fire. After traveling with the toa he is later on captured and corrupted by roodoka and forced to hunt down his fellow toa. He is later on killed by Gali who then gives his mask to a glatoran she has met on her travels before her disappearance.

The New Toa:

Toa Neamaka: Once was a underwater hero unit she was assigned to a mission to investigate the strange signal coming from mahri on the way to the strange signal her and her team is ambushed by a baraki horde forcing them to split up. It is from there that she travels deeper into the heart of mahri where she discovers toa Gali`s mask and weapons in a collapsed structure, placing the mask on she gains the powers once belonging to toa Gali and uses these powers to escape where she meets a matoran named koma who helps her returning to a hero factory base.

Toa Koma: Was a traveling matoran mask maker he was captured by a group calling themselves the dark hunters, later they force him to fight in an arena where he encounters one of his oldest friends that went missing years ago. With no other choice he kills his best friend in order to survive, it is after fighting his best friend that he meets a glatoran named kiata who has a plan of escape. The two work together to escape the dark hunters` arena and later on split up. Leading to Koma meeting Neamaka.

Toa Kortaka: Started out as a glatoran he was given the task of exploring and abandon temple by his village elder, it is there he encounters one of the hands of makuta attempting to regain its power by draining the life force of several matorans. In a desperate attempt to save the matorans he sacrifices himselfe given the matorans a chance to escape, later a matoran returns to his broken and cold corpse to place a mask on his dead body. The mask revives him bringing Kortaka back to life as a toa with a new mission. To stop makuta from returning at all cost.

Toa Orek: Given a mask by a merchant claiming it to be special, the young matoran thought nothing of the mask and has simply left it with his collection of other masks made by a friend of his. It isn`t until later when the sky starts to become a darker shade than normal does he feel strange, almost as if someone or something was calling to him. Believing it to be nothing he sets on his travels as an explorer in hopes of finding something rare or undiscovered. Stumbling into a cave he is captured by a horde of visorak and taken to there nest, in hopes of saving himself he puts on the mask when he feels something pulling him to it. With the mask`s power he was able to escape with him later on disappearing.

Toa Sorak: A traveling hero explorer unit, Sorak came across an abandon jungle ruin, over run with strange he attempted to get a signal back to hero factory for some back up. only to be captured by the 5th hand of makuta who was leading the horde of creatures, desperate for an escape he attempts to blow up the jungle ruins only to fall down into a dark pit and end up in a cave system. Exploring the cave system he comes across a dead body with a strange mask. Putting this mask on it grants him the powers of air.

Now these are the toa characters that will be in the rp, with the "old toa" being seen in the first few episodes. These roles will be open for anyone to play as once we get the server working. When the server is working you will either be meeting with me or one of my friends who are helping me with this project in order to determine if one of the characters up above you picked fits you or not. Its not 100% certain that even if you pick one of these toa you may end up playing the part so don`t feel down if you don`t get to play as one of them.

Wish those of you the best of luck on getting the role.

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