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Level 32 : Artisan Sus

She woke up to the sound of her mother storming through the grand hall. She got up and ran downstairs to see what was going on "I said 60 raw tentacle, NOT 50 I DEMAND 60" her mother was screaming at the phone. She ran over to her mother "Seraphina dear give me a moment" her mother told her "yes ma'am" she said. Her mother was done almost 15 minutes after Seraphina had come downstairs, "alright so dear i will be going out of town for i don't know a month or two, you will be watching the kingdom for me, the list of chores is on the fridge, i will see you in a few months" her mother said the words hugged her than scurried out of the castle quickley.

She gave a scared expression on her face when her maid Felicia walked into the room "whats wrong dear" the maid asked as she bit her lip then walked closer to Felicia "mothers gone again, and not just for a day for months she claimed" she said, the maid gave a expression that looked nor happy but not sad.


She stepped onto the balcony that stood over the whole town. She was queen for a month, great Searphina thought as she watched the towns folks fighting over bread. She walked down the steep staircase that leads down to town, the towns folk were sure mean today. "Hello Madam" a boy about her age with sharp blonde hair said as her bowed at her "hello" she responded with a sly accent. The boy followed her "ma'am where is your mother" he asked her as she spun around on her heel "she is out for a few months im taking over" she said quick. He chuckled than ran away without a question. She continued walking down the torn up town until she stopped in front a abandon child that cried on the streets as everyone ignored her. "Dear" She said to the child "where are your parents" she asked again "they....they left me here" the child responded with tears. Sparks came out of the child as she rose to her feet "dear whats your name" she asked "An-gel" the child said scared "alright well come with me to the palace" she said as her and the child walked to the castle.


The child walked into the castle slowley looking at every little detail and writing them down in a small notepad she kept in her pocket. "so,dear your room is up the stairs to the left, not that far" she said as she smiled warmley at the child "thank you miss" the child responded happily. She walked up the stairs and led the child to her room then walked to her own room and sat on her bed.
It was nearly night fall when she got up and walked to the childs room then kissed her on the forehead and walked back to her room. A star was falling from the night sky, she looked out the window and made a wish. She heard Felicia walk into the room "Seraphina, the child is up playing with her toys i will tell her to go to sleep" Felicia said as she walked out of the room. She sighed as she layed on her bed and fell into a deep sleep.

Who am i?

Dark mist flew around the empty room as she awoke from her deep sleep. Whispers were heard from the hallway and loud noises were coming from outside. She looked out her window nothing......Just a sea of blood Black flooded the streets of Tamara. She tried to shout but she just couldn't, blackness arose from under her door as the whispers stopped and everything was silent...All exept the hissing of the black thing. She pulled her covers up closer to her face but they wouldn't move. She tried to wriggle her toes but they wouldn't move. Not even a muscle. She shook her head but all she felt was a pain, a pain that she had never felt before, a pain so harsh that it would mesmerize a whole group of humans. But this didn't make her hurt a bit, she just felt nothing, Nothing at all just a silent that made her close her eyes as though she could fall asleep again so that's what she did. And when she closed her eyes she realized, she wasn't anything like human. Not one bit.

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