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Rules and Classes for Adventure map - Thoughts?

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avatar liamwitz
Level 25 : Expert Dragonborn
So, I'm making an Adventure Map, and as we all know, the most important information a player can have are the basic rules.

So, how does this sound?

1. You may only break gravel blocks, cobwebs, vines and clay. (Watch out for clay blocks, they usually have secrets behind them!)
2. This map is for 1-4 players. I recommend you play on Normal or Hard. (Depending on how much of a challenge you want.)
3. You may craft items, as long as they are not used to cheat. DO NOT BY ANY MEANS CREATE ITEMS SUCH AS BUTTONS, LEVERS AND PRESSURE PLATES. You may also use Cauldrons, Brewing stands and Enchanting Tables.
4. You may loot dispensers. If you can...
5. Do not use any mods. spawn items or change your gamemode.
6. Gold ingots are used as a scoring system. See how many you can find! Also, post your highscore on the forums!

Good or bad? Any suggestions?

Also, the map has classes, and multiplayer compatibility.

How are these rules?

Class Rules:
When you have picked your class, you abide by the restrictions that class has.
Paladin o May only use Iron Armour and Iron Sword
Warrior o May only use Chainmail Armour and Diamond Sword
Archer o May only use Leather Armour, Iron Sword, and Bow
Alchemist o May only use Gold Armour, Iron Sword and Gold Sword
As you progress, you will find Checkpoint Houses, within are beds and a chest full of replacement items. YOU MAY ONLY TAKE THESE ITEMS IF YOU HAVE DIED AND RESPAWNED. You may also notice that these items do not have enchantments. That is the penalty for death. Be more careful next time!
At the end of some challenges, there will be a chest full of rewards. These include items relevant to your class with enchantments. Only take your relevant class rewards.
Any class may use potions, but Alchemists should carry them.

Multiplayer Rules
1. If a player dies, you may keep their items for them for when they have returned. But, do not use these items. To do so would be cheating.
2. If a player dies and is far away from the action, feel free to teleport them to your location.
3. I recommend you use some sort of server plugin that allows you to set a bed as your spawn point without having to wait for night. Alternatively, you could use a home plugin to set the checkpoint house as your home in the event that you perish.
4. Play with PvP on at your own peril!

So, sound good?

Feel free to use them in your own notes, if you want!

05/24/2014 10:33 pm
Level 22 : Expert Mage
Sounds awesome. Thanks! I'm using a few of these for an adventure map I'm making.
04/27/2015 8:53 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Taco
Me too :D
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