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Sail O' Coffin Sail

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Level 25 : Expert Blueberry

  Here the morning fog was so thick that the blind man was surprised he couldn’t see. Nathan Rowe knew this morning well, where one could hold out their hand and see the ghostly silhouette through the fog. After a while of inspecting the obsolete hand, Rowe heard the raven screech of Captain Bush behind him- calling all to rise for the day.

  “Quater day from shore!” called Gambles, from the top- a spyglass glued to his eye as he loomed over the ledge, peering through the lifting fog. Several of the shipmates rose from the hull- seeming more dead than alive. By now they had been gone for 3 months at sea now. A simple retrieval, but upon The Corale was a precious piece of cargo.

  Rowe felt the captain's rough and wizened hand land upon his shoulder. “Rowe, Meet me in the Cab’n.” And then walked off, punctuating each step like thunder. Nathan knew what this was about- and he quickly turned, ready for what met him in the Captain's cabin.

  “Oi- Rowe!” Gambles jeered from the nest, “Been called to the cabin, eh? Well- It was nice knowing you!” Here he burst into wheezing and sickly laughter. Bush looked to the top- and called to Gambles, “More talkin’ like that will have you end up saying your last bet, Gambles!”

  After the trading threats, both moved on- Gambles cowering in the nest, as Bush strode to the cabin, Rowe trailing behind. The door was shut behind them, keeping the conversation to follow sealed inside.


This is the first page of a story that I have been working on. Hope you like it!


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