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Sally Stitches (Morbid Before Christmas)

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Guts N Pixels avatar Guts N Pixels
Level 40 : Master Skinner
Sally gazed out the barred window, watching the townspeople wander about freely and unhindered. She yearned for such freedom, and the living embrace of Jack.

But no one knew she existed, because she was created by a disturbed man who would use her for his pleasure and nothing more. She was made of nothing but sewing, leaves, cloth, a wig, and silicone like skin. She could not feel anything physical, but that didn't mean she wasn't drowning in a black sea of depression and anxiety.

One day after years of abuse, she gazed out her window as usual, unknown to the world as she witnessed Jack betrothed to another as he carried her up the winding stairs to his tower.

She snapped...

As she screamed in anguish and anger, the violator barged into her room for another good time. But she had other plans, as he walked towards her she snagged a pair of shears that she'd use for her strings, and with a quick furiosity she slashed his throat clean open, blood pulsed from the gaping wound as he choked and gurgled to the floor.

She wasn't done, she maniacally cackled in evil laughter as she plunged the shears into his chest cavity sixty six times, leaving a mushy ditch in his chest of crimson viscera.

She walked to her mirror and gazed upon her fake blood stained skin, she yearned to feel physically, to love and be loved, to have freedom. And she got an idea as she looked at the blood ridden corpse reflecting in the glass.

The townspeople heard screams of pain and the laughter, for they were all gazing at the entrance to the building Sally stepped out of. The door creaked open,and she glared at them all, with a wide menacing grin, a single eyeball, and flesh that was hanging by threads.

She wandered through the crowd, to Jack's. She hummed a familiar tune about love and sadness, one that Jack knew well.

Screams of a female could be heard, the townspeople of Hael looked at the building as Jack arrived at his gates. Jack walked to his tower to witness the front door ajar, as he entered into the atrium he saw a strange woman sewn together with bright red hair, standing over his betrothed who lie still and scalped.

Sally turned around, and she confessed to Jack, "I've waited for you for so long, but alas, I was stuck in that god forsaken building, raped and tormented while I watched you and everyone else live freely".

"Jack, I have come for you, to claim what is mine. And you are mine my dear, you always have been and you always will.".

Jack silent, walked to her slowly. She gazed upon him with her skinless face and eye, and looked back at her with his hallowed gored out eyes, and he said, "Your brutality is magnificent, I've never met someone so cruel and disgusting".

They shared a kiss, by the dead prior betrothed...

Sally Stitches (Morbid Before Christmas)
CreditTim Burton's Sally

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11/03/2022 7:35 am
Level 38 : Artisan Demolitionist
IGEBM avatar
I was gonna ask how Jack could ever love someone so gory, but then I remember this Jack Hellington we're talking about.
11/03/2022 9:46 am
Level 40 : Master Skinner
Guts N Pixels
Guts N Pixels avatar
Yes don't forget, it's Hael Town so everything is messed up...
11/03/2022 6:43 am
Level 27 : Expert Warrior
Firestar2477278 avatar
Aww, that was a nice ending! :D :3
11/03/2022 9:46 am
Level 40 : Master Skinner
Guts N Pixels
Guts N Pixels avatar
Nice gory ending...
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