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SalvageSmelter - A Bukkit Plugin Review

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avatar VipenStrike
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What it does:

SalvageSmelter allows you to smelt down tools and armor made of iron, gold or diamond into raw materials. The quantity of materials returned is dependent on the durability of the item smelting; for example, iron boots at 50% durability would return two Iron ingots. At 49% durability, they would return one iron ingot. Gold tools can yield nuggets instead of ingots to allow for more accuracy in determining the value of an item, and any item not worth at least one of its raw materials will produce a piece of charcoal.

My Thoughts:

SalvageSmelter is a great plugin for servers that want their players to be able to recycle their tools, weapons, and armor. More often than not players end up with an inventory of nearly broken tools and armor, this plugin takes the clutter away. Usually items are thrown away, burned, or never used. SalvageSmelter’s allows precious resources to be reused or crafted into something else, adding an interesting new component to the server experience.

Pro(s): Easy to install and use, simple and intuitive, customizable within reason, optional blacklist, and light server load.
Con(s): The plugin could do more such as adding a chance to fail salvaging a tool or armor, but there are no real cons.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Date created: Apr 12, 2013
Last update: Jun 03, 2014Development stage: Release
Recent files: SalvageSmelter 0.1.8 for CB 1.7.9-R0.1 Jun 03, 2014


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