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Salwyrr PvP Client-> c'ant miss that!!!

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Cromha avatar Cromha
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Hey guys,
today i will introduce you Salwyrr PvP Client!

The "Salwyrr Client"? What is that ?
The Salwyrr Client is almost a year of work,
It is also a (legit) Minecraft client that will bring you all the features you dream of and even the ones that your dreams are not yet able to imagine.

But what does using the client get me?
The Salwyrr Client allows you to play Minecraft in optimal conditions, it also allows you to equip cosmetics, capes and wings, without having to spend 1 cent since it is enough to play with it to earn coins, moreover the small ones pc are not excluded because the customer does not use Forge and therefore, coupled with Optifine,
it allows you to enjoy the performance of your game to the maximum, and now no more boring yourself, with the Salwyrr Chat you can talk to other users of the client and this, even if you are not on the same server, and why not take the opportunity to ask someone to play with you!
In fact the customer has everything you need, but one thing is missing, which is undoubtedly the most important, and that is YOU!
We are therefore impatiently awaiting you on the client and why not on our discord, just to talk a little!

All useful links are at the bottom of this message
Want the full feature list? No problem:
Spoiler: Detailed features

Detailed features
Want to talk with other users, let's go! Talk to all of the client's users, even if you are on different servers!

[​New] Shop InGame Full Free [​Added]
Want to be the ultimate in class? That all of the client's users recognize you by your unique style? So play with the client! You will earn coins so you can buy cosmetics without spending a single penny!

[​Unpublished] Monthly ranking [​Added]
Having a unique style is not enough for you anymore? Do you also want the customer's users to respect you? So play as much time as possible with the client and win as many games as possible on Funcraft, you can then hope to be on the podium of the monthly ranking, in front of hundreds of people and be rewarded for this feat!
[​New] MP3 music player
Need to relax or on the contrary to concentrate as much as possible on the game? So choose the musical atmosphere that best suits the situation using the mp3 player which allows you to launch any mp3 music located in the "music" folder of your .Salwyrr!
[​New] Highlight Player [​Added]
Brightness problem? Your teammate has fun hiding this to better trap you? No more problems with player highlighting!

[​Unpublished] [​Alpha] Cinematic
Need an epic scene? No editing software? No problem ! Activate the cinematic mode which is still in testing!

Combo Counter [​Added]
Your immeasurable talent is now counting!

BackView [​Added]
It is impossible to have eyes in the back of your head unless you are an owl, but your game camera can turn around by simply pressing the X key by default.

Armor HUD [​Added]
Losing a piece of armor can cost you your life, luckily now keep an eye on the condition of your precious gear!

Optifine [​Added]
Got a bad pc and want to increase your fps? Or, on the contrary, do you have an excellent pc and want to have a more intense visual experience? With Optifine Ultra you will be able to choose between performance and quality!

ToggleSprint [​Added]
You only have 5 fingers on your left hand,
this is problematic because one of these fingers is trapped in a key that you will hold for 90% of your playing time. Fortunately the ToggleSprint comes free your finger by locking or unlocking your sprint on the press of a key , G by default

KeyMod [​Added]
You make videos, you want to show your mouse movements,
your clicks, and the keys you press but don't have a handcam? No problem, all this information is displayed on the screen!

Movements of graphic elements [​In progress ...]
Are you a perfectionist and the tidiness of the Minecraft interface doesn't suit you? There is no problem with the Salwyrr Client,
move the different elements of the in-game interface, such as the inventory bar, the xp bar ...

Aesthetic improvements to graphic elements [​Added]
Tired of the black background of the cat that takes your entire screen for a 2 letter message? Tired of the red number on the scoreboard on funcraft which until the last news is useless? Take them off!

Fix: PvP delay [​Added]
Mojang to leave a small bug from 1.9 to 1.10.2,
this bug creates a small lag between where your cursor is and where the game is aiming, but the Salwyrr Client fixes this bug! To you the big mlg and the perfect ones!

ParticlesMod [​Added]
There is nothing more stylish than particles with every hit you give, so why not multiply that happiness?

BetterSkyMod [​Added]
The sky of the end is quite sad ... So put the sky normal!

ReachDisplay Mod [​Added]
You will finally be able to show your viewers that you have the same reach as everyone else, but an extraordinary talent!

Auto / thank you [​Added]
Do not waste anymore time,
go straight into battle while the client takes care of thanking the booster!

Color code [​Added]
The colors are nice but you cannot use the §, symbol of the Minecraft color code ... But that was before the arrival of the Salwyrr Client which offers you to reactivate the color code,
you can even send color messages in the chat visible to all client users!

Character limit in chat [​Added]
You have so much to say but 100 characters at your disposal, yet Funcraft allows you to send 255, so why wouldn't the Salwyrr Client take advantage?
Kill / Ratio / Mort [​Added]
Your talent is of course known to all, but now you have your number of kills, your number of failures (often very low) and the ratio of the two to prove your domination!

Health Display [​Added]
We know well the packs which have lost hearts and remaining hearts of the same color,
miraculously, the Salwyrr Client displays your remaining life count and even has the luxury of flashing when you run out of life!

TnT Count [​Added]
It's hard to know when a tnt is going to explode, that's why the client shows you the time remaining before it explodes.

FPS Display [​Added]
No need to slip into the jungle of information offered by the f3, the fps are displayed directly in the game!

MS [​Added]
When you lose it is not your fault but your team's fault or more often that of the opponent, and you can prove it by looking in the TAB!
Nickname highlighted in chat [​Added]
There are too many messages sent in the chat, it would be silly to miss the one talking about you, to avoid that when your nickname appears in the chat it is in bold!

Useful links:
Download: https://salwyrr.com

See this link to know how to install: https://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/slawyrr-pvp-client-can-t-miss-this/
Thanks for reading until the end,
CreditSalwyrr client of course!

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