Sam & Danni: Adventures In The East [Episode 6] Adventure Map [Minecraft Bedrock Marketplace]

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Sam & Danni: Adventures In The East [Episode 6] Adventure Map [Minecraft Bedrock Edition Marketplace]

From the wildest West, to the furthest East; our heroic trio of Sam, Danni and Orbi now appear in the ancient village of Kyota. With the townsfolk preparing a batch of resources and supplies for an offering, you are tasked by Riku to help with their current situation. The Clan has taken over the land, demanding payments each month. Their leader corrupted by a mysterious power; now sits atop the monastery, ruling over everyone with brute strength. Power up your life-force as you take on the trials, battle against ninjas, and throwing-star your way to an honorary victory!

First-timers in the East, it is readily apparent that the duo are not all that familiar with the culture; but after spaceships, haunted mansions, pirates and outlaws, they’re just about ready for anything. Luckily this land is a peaceful one - or at least it was. Donning traditional gowns to blend in, and following the Village Elder, the two prepare for their most spiritual journey yet. Will they find the fragment?

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