Sam & Danni: Go To Space [Episode 2] Adventure Map [Minecraft Bedrock Edition Marketplace]

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Sam & Danni: Go To Space [Episode 2] Adventure Map [Minecraft Bedrock Edition Marketplace]

The Master Block is broken! Fragments have been sent shooting across different worlds. Commander Ripples is the first to come into contact with one, using it to power his space station to full capacity as a meteor storm looms closer. With the glowing guardian Orbi powering the rocket, Sam and Danni reach the station and dock in the hangar. Investigate the station with Ripples and help him avoid the calamities of the impending meteor strike! Who knows what’s crawling on those rocks!

Having broke the Master Block, and in turn; the World, we pick up with the duo as they witness a rocket ship crash-landing from a portal into the temple. After some engine repairs and Orbi magically helping to power the ship’s core, they hesitantly blast off through the portal to space! While Sam and Danni are worried, they know that following this Orb is the right thing to do after their mistake! Orbi charts a course for a large space station while Sam and Danni find some spacesuits in the bunker!

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