Sam & Danni: Ready? Set. Action! [Episode 7] Adventure Map [Minecraft Bedrock Marketplace]

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Sam & Danni: Ready? Set. Action! [Episode 7] Adventure Map [Minecraft Bedrock Marketplace]

Put on your best acting face, because Sam, Danni and Orbi have stepped through another portal - and this time they’ve appeared on the set of a huge Movie Studio. There’s lots of areas to explore; some even sparking memories from previous episodes. Not everything is as the quirky and demanding Director thinks however, and along with the various crew members and colourful characters, you’ll soon discover that there’s something much more dastardly afoot in this cinematic sharp-shooting showdown. Sets aren’t supposed to come to life… right?

As the adventure continues, Sam and Orbi begin to notice Danni acting strangely. She is the one holding all the Fragments - after all. There’s no time to ponder on this however, as they stumble onto an active Movie Set. With an enraged Director suggesting they become his new assistants to make up for ruining the shot, the trio set out to fix whatever havoc the next Fragment is causing.

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