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sam's art [ON DA!!!]

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idaidaida avatar idaidaida
Level 39 : Artisan System
oh hey it's a new art blog because i want people here to see my art and visit my DA page xddd

CHECK MY DA!!!!!!!11!!!!1!11!1111

really though there's a lot more art on DA since i've archived basically everything i've made and posted it there, so if you wanna see that you can click the link ;)


but i've made a lot of new (actually good) art in the meantime and i thought i'd share it here once again
this might have some overlap with my previous art blog just so ya know

please don't pay attention to that thingie here that says my name is [​REDACTED], i'm trying things out okay thx u :333

sam's art [ON DA!!!]

^ IT ME!!!!! in my dreams ;(

i'm so proud of this!! i'm really beginning to find my artstyle and truly love the stuff i draw. honestly one of the reasons why i'm making this artblog (besides DA) is so i can show this artwork to everyone, and all the other art i've been making recently UwU

sam's art [ON DA!!!]

^ sort of a reference of her with some more info about her outfit and stuff (as if anyone cares LOL)

sam's art [ON DA!!!]

^ also sam but in Arie_'s artstyle

^ this is where i really started drawing her as a hecking cute witch :)))

also notice how the witch hat keeps growing in size with each new artpiece, some day it will be so large and heavy that it will make the earth implode into a black hole LOL

^ if you look at like the last skin i posted you'll notice that this is based on it, cuz this idea of this persona kinda started with that skin? so i made it into a drawing to solidify the idea a bit more, and that's where this came from.

^ doesn't really look like her, this is old and also mainly just for practicing

other art

^ this is a modular synthesizer in a trans flag colour pattern. i might get this printed on a shirt some day UwU

^ even more synth stuff!!!!!!!!

^ a stylized self portrait


^ i made this for WillowDear, i think for her birthday? not sure xd

^ this was fanart for Fawne but it's kinda bleh and i don't like it

pls check my DA
bye o/
Creditwillowdear and fawne for making some of the characters i made art of

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03/04/2019 4:50 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Prince
inactiveaccount444 avatar
Very good, I love the synth stuff and the stylized self portrait! (Also the art you made me thank you <3) UwU
03/04/2019 12:32 pm
Level 29 : Expert Explorer
TheCyanShyGuy avatar
wow i LOVE the control panel!! very detailed and nice keep up the good work my friend ^^
02/26/2019 8:32 pm
Level 79 : Legendary Witch
Crescendo avatar
love love the synth stuff, so stylistic! :D
02/27/2019 7:52 am
Level 39 : Artisan System
idaidaida avatar
  • ahhhhhh thanks UwU
  • i accidentally made this comment a list and i thought it's too funny so i'm keeping it LOL
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