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Saved Toolbars | How to use your extra inventory | Tutorial/Guide

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avatar CaraRose
Level 38 : Artisan Princess

Do you use Saved Toolbars in your Inventory?

[Java Edition]

Hey! I want to tell you about one of my favorite thing in inventory.
It is super useful for builders! Maybe you didn't even know about it or how to make it useful for yourself?

I will teach you everything I know about it. Let's begin!

What is it for?

  • You can save some important blocks or mostly used. It can help you save your time searching them
  • You can save not-existed (in creative inventory) blocks there like command block or barrier etc
  • You can transfer your Saved Toolbars wherever you want with creative mod available
  • You can create templates of blocks you may planning to use in your next builds
  • You can save mc heads there and be able to take them for example to your single player map
  • You can save enchanted things there, some custom books, well, pretty much anything you want!

Where you can find this Saved Toolbars?

You need to be in creative mod on your server or single player map.
Press "E" to open your creative inventory and there you can find and click the Saved Toolbars

You can save 81 items there

How to use Saved Toolbars?

Save whatever you want:

To save blocks, you decided to save, just place them in your main inventory.
I picked some random stuff. You can fill every slot or use only some of them, it's up to you

I want to use the 4th line as an example, but you can pick whatever you like 1-9
After that you need to close your inventory and press c+4 (or c+1-9) to save

Here we have our items saved:

Take items from Saved Toolbars:

You can open it and take items by clicking and grabbing as you usually do
or you can press x+4 (or x+1-9) and make the whole line appears in front of you in your main inventory.

How to clean a line in Saved Toolbars:

There is no combination to clean a line, but you can replace it with anything you want including emptiness.
And that's how we clean it.

Just make your main inventory empty and press c+4 (or c+1-9)

This is it. I hope it was useful for you!

โ˜• Thank you for being here โ˜•

Made with love.
๐Ÿ˜Š Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š

If you found a mistake or you want me to add something please tell me about it

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