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SAVGEAH: the true story of sandscape

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avatar mrmob56
Level 15 : Journeyman Artist
2000 BC- Creator makes universe and the Solemn ones with it, Life,death,intelligence,idiocy, and tabith (kadyis for time)
1600 BC- Humans and their sub-species the Cenders are created
1200 BC- Solemn Empire founded
2000 BC- solemn empire falls due to Human rebellion
1689- English empire founded
1740-john golh creates the bolted steam powered rifle,atomtron,and giraffe
1750-England wins many lands all over the globe with the new rifle
1778- after england hushes up the amarican revoultion by the hanging of Gorge washington, They change their name to the New London empire
1797-All free cenders captured
1890- England now controlling Europe,north America, and Africa
1891-Thurman fhug mobilizes attack apon Russian government,rebel ends victories Russian union is founded on militarism
1895-soviet union becomes 3 biggest producer being china and new London
1896-Russian union attacks china war lasts 3 weeks
1900-Russian union controls all of Asia except and India
1918-New London sells a starter company a building for experiments
1919-INN is founded
1920-INN buys out a farmer
1921-INN buys out a food chain
1923-INN buys the amount of land to be considered a state of new London
1925-INN starts building the glass,a utopia as they put it
1925-INN Buys out Lovetek, genetic scientist H.P lovecraft comes along for the ride, all other technology companies fall (exept for R-R) INNovaton founded
1926-Soviet union offers support on INNovaton's be haft,INNovaton agrees but turns down weapons
1927-INNovaton creates the first ever magnetic engine,thus creating free power
1928-INNovaton is now a country in the eyes of New London
1929-INNovaton declares war on New London
1930- INN relases the beasts- claw (cat human hybrid) cthal (squid human hybrid) and bug (bee-lizard hybrid)
1931-the cenders revolt setting new London off balance with a inner and outer threat approaching.
1932-To stop any cender threat on INNovaton land cenders are given full rights,however dozens are captured for expatriation
1934-INNovaton creates the R0L-rifle,a one shot quick reload rifle with high penetration and,if used properly,exploding rounds
1935-INNovaton takes over the western haft of north America
1937-Lovecraft disappears along with his creatures
1940 to 1975-chaos across the globe destroys all 3 major empires
1975 to 2000-INNovaton rises back up and moves into the last reaches of new London Territories
2000-English loyalists attack a power plant destroying it causing the gassing,
2001- all INN-computers fail in power outage, them having the only ones
2003-Exel is born in a cender family,is name meaning law
2035-Exel leads a army against INNovaton pushing all forces into the glass
2046-Exel "dies" and preadors are founded against INNovaton
2047- Lorecraftians attack INN outposts taking full control of the north regions, Howard begins his writings
2048-3 way war begins
2049- Howard and Oliver go off the charts by jumping time
2050 to 2187- the 3 way war contents for the longest war, Howard and Oliver document time, learning of INNs lies
2189- The plague of Dust attacks humanity, INN releases the jacks (soul operated Humanoid robots)
2190-3671- Era of Rust, some plants are rebirthed, and The cthals die out

terms of use (for the artists out there)
Creditinsperatons include: fallout, ATF, SPG and unturned

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : 05/20/2017 9:23:30 amMay 20th, 2017

Removed unlore friendly narrative
added era of rust and ripe lore

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