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Scary story

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The Cryptic Family avatar The Cryptic Family
Level 30 : Artisan Community
there was once a little girl who was very ugly, she was an outcast everywhere she went. one day after 8 years of putting up with it she had enough......she started out by sneaking into a stranger's bedroom and murdering them. and every time she murdered her eyes turned red and she cried blood. she continues killing everyone till this day, and somehow she hasn't been caught. she goes from country to country state to state county to county city to city just murdering everyone in sight.

~The End~

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12/28/2022 11:23 pm
Level 81 : Elite Jarl
Aspirin60 avatar
Omygod a forgotten soul... -CRIPTIIIIIIIIC!!!! Come here,i found a forgotten soul!!!
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