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avatar BoehMod
Level 70 : Legendary Lad

  • Welcome to ScottehBoeh! My name is Scott, but you can call me Scazzum! I have been playing Minecraft and Valve/Steam based games for many years. I started off Minecraft in December 25th 2010 and started playing Steam Games in 2005.The first game I ever played on the PC was DukeNukem. A 3d/2d game that was made for Windows 98. It was a great experience!I never got my own proper PC until I was in Primary 6. (I don't know what grade that is)
  • Streaming Schedule:Minecraft Monday: + 6pm-9pm: Minigames on HiveMC or HypixelWartime Wednesday: + 6pm-9pm: Minecraft Modpack Heros and GeneralsFriday: + 6pm-10pm: Play with Fans and FriendsSitback Saturday: + 4pm-7pm: Minecraft Modpack Heros and GeneralsSomething Sunday: + 4pm-8pm: Just random Stuff for now!
  • Computer Hardware: AMD FX 4.2 Ghz 4 Core 16Gb DDR3 RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 (4GB)Computer Peripherals: Zalman Gaming Keyboard Cyborg R.A.T 3 Mouse Razer Vespula Mouse Mat HP 1080p HD Webcam (60Fps) Behringer C1 Microphone Connect 502 Microphone Mixer RODE Microphone Desk Mount Daylight Lamp (For GreenScreen) 3m x 6m Greenscreen
  • Commands that may be used in chat:!crosshair !gear !server !specs !twitter !youtube !yt
  • Social/Media Links for my Channels and Sites:Twitch: ScottehBoeh Twitter: @ScottehBoeh YouTube: (Search ScottehBoeh)
  • The following rules must be obeyed!
    1. No Swearing, Offensive Language or Racism!
    2. No asking for Twitch or In-Game Ranks!
    3. No Spamming the Chat or posting Links!
    4. No Server Advertisements in Chat!
    5. No Command Overusage
    6. Keep the chat running! Post comments! Me and others will read them!
    7. No Trades or /me

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