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Scream cave part 2: Herobrine legend.


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Level 23 : Expert Lumberjack
Hmmehhh.... nice day, looks like its morning. Wait i think i see people face. I wake up and go into kitchen. I saw a old man. Me:''Oh, hi sorry for sleeping in this house''. OldMan:''Its nothing young people, i saw you needed to sleep, i made for you good breakfast''. Me:''Thanks for it''. So young people how did u get here? Maybe me story is going to be crazy, but i go to mining, then i was weird creature with white eyes and run away from he. Then i found exit of cave and sight this house. Also it was too late and dark to return to me village, because i go into this house. WAIT white eyed creature? Its herobrine! Me:''What is Herobrine?''. Its strange creature who looks like people but have white eyes, there is lots of legends. Didn't you ever heard about he? No i didn't. Then i can tell you legend of HE! It was one nice day, there be 2 brothers one was called of steve and 2th was called of Notch. Lots of peoples called steve of Herobrine, because he was village hero. At one day steve go into forest to get some food for village peoples. Then come night and steve didn't return from forest. Notch was sad and sacred. At morning everyone go to find he. Nobody didnt find he. After 3 months nobody still didnt find he, or he dead body. Then Notch go mining alone. He found a new cave inside of forest. Notch found a diamonds. He mine it. But then he heard weird sound. He slowly look back and, and, and sight he dead brother steve! Steve didnt look like before dead he didnt have anymore eye balls, but white eyes. He looked a bit foggy too. Notch asked is it you Steve. But steve didnt answer Notch. Then steve take diamond pickaxe and place wool blocks, and made face with red eyes. Notch was very sacred. A bit later steve dissaperead and face building too! Notch told it village citizens, but nobody didnt believe he. Then other villagers sight steve with white eyes too. And everyone start finding out what is hapenning there. At one another day Notch again go mining. But this time on city mines. When he return doors was locked. When he break it all of village was burned down. Only thing he found was paper with text: Herobrine is watching you!.Me:''So this is legend of Herobrine?''. Yes it is. Is notch still live? He is we can go to he and ask he about he dead brother steve. WILL BE CONTINUED............!!!!!!!

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