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Seeking and Finding Inspiration and Insight from Real-World Architects!

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What a crazy looking "build," eh? Well, like many fantastic fantasy-esque things, it's from the real world!

I'd encourage you to watch the video and listen to the wise and experienced architect. There's quite a lot of great insight here!

I love what he says about designing a structure that's at peace with its environment, and makes people feel at peace inside it.

Also, what he said about not starting with a preconceived notion of what the building is supposed to become, but letting the environment present the problems and solutions (read: possibilities) hidden in it.

This is great depth of experience and knowledge in very few words. It's really important to listen to people like him and learn what we can.

But yeah, give the video a watch, listen to his words and story while you're seeing video of the house he's talking about. Having both combined is very beneficial!

Hi, btw :)

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