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Server Ranks Opinoin!

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avatar sonic2kk
Level 24 : Expert Architect
I hate when servers say "oh donate $5 to become a chief or you can donate $50 to get free diamond tools for a month" or something like that. That gets under my skin! Sure you have to pay to host the server but dont ask people to donate to be able to do stuff. Same goes with going onto their website and signing up and donating that way because that takes the fun out if servers. If you are going to play on a server you are going to do it for fun, not to give complete strangers money!!!! Yes, i think people should have a OPTION to donate but dont force them to just so they can do more stuff on a server! Take the server Damn_Near vinilla, You can play on it BUT you have the option to donate £5/$5/o ¬5 or whatever currency so you can have a private region but you can still do everything without donating! If you post a server here on PMC ask for a diamond and i think if the person likes it they can leave a diamond to show their support that way. But there are also servers like Skitscapes server where he gets you to donate! He does need the money but shouldn't limit people to only play in spleef and build in creative, and the survival part of it doesnt serve a purpose because as soon as you enter it you cant build ANYWHERE which is the same for most servers. This could also tie in with my blog about PvP servers which if you want you can go look at it if you please because in PvP servers they will make you sign up to a site or donate or something stupid like that. If i were stupid enough to host a server and get hacked (because when you hast a server or even pay for hosting you WILL get hacked at some point so dont argue about it in the comments!!!) i would not ask for money, i would pay for it out of my own £ or $ or o ¬ or whatever currency i would use. Thanks for reading and feel free to share some thoughts in the comments!

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However, you got to hand it to them. In a strange way, it's smart. Stupid, but smart.
  • sonic2kk
  • Level 24
  • Expert Architect
  • September 24, 2012, 7:32 am
yes, its a good way to get money but it would repulse a small minority of people i would think.

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