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Server UPDATE review NovaCraft1.7.2


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Level 16 : Journeyman Ninja
HELLO fellow Minecrafters now this is my FIRST SERVER UPDATE REVIEW YAY HAH Anyway this server i reviewed WAY BACK in 1.4.2 Yeah that long ago now i lost there IP and ONLY yesterday my time i found them again in the Server chat room and... WOW MAN the servers as they say "Off The HOOK"! its HUGE and everyone's nice and VERY detailed in atmosphere And i spoke to the Co-Owner my 5 questions of DOOM!.

1. Question (Is the server updated when Minecraft is?!) Answer (Yes the Main owner gets the fastest Bukkit he can get so were NEARLY never out of date!)

2. Question (Dose the server have or had any Hackers or Greifers?!) Answer (No!)

3. Question (What is the servers goal?) Aswner (To grow like a community and to have FUN!)

4. Question (Is the staff Stricked on Hackers and Griefers and Rule breakers alike?!) Answer (VERY!)

5. Question (What kind of server is it?!) Answer (Its a PVP Faction Survival)

So there you go Minecrafters now i will RATE this server 4.2 out of 5 STEVES and HIGHLY RECOMMEND this server to all and the IP will be below and AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME it Is my FAVORITE SERVER so log in and PLAY Have a good time my fellow Minecrafters!.

IP nc-mc.co

From Overlord4Life

.P.S. "!Happpy Minecrafting"!.

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