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avatar WelshCake
Level 23 : Expert Geek
Scrolling through the list of minecraft servers, trying to find that one server that will rekindle the addiction to minecraft you once had. The things to look for should be simple enough: small community, fun server, fair economy.

So why is this so hard to get?
GREED is the key factor to his problem. Most people now see minecraft servers as a money making prospect, rather than a fun way to interact with the community. But they may discover that this is not a "get rich quick" scenario.


After my old server fell into the ETERNAL MAINTINENCE curse, I managed to get a few local friends to return to minecraft. We all suffered the wrath of prepubesant mods, deciding to burn down our hours of work for fun, and the spontanious server reset which again destroyed and wasted hours of work.

This then drew my local friends away from minecraft yet again, and it ended up with just little ol' me. On the last server we recieved way too much at the first "drop party", that we didn't really need to play the game anymore as we had already recieved what we would be playing for in the first place! 

I  feel stupid for doing this but I ended up donating to this server, as they had a 'Donator Marketand I wanted to spend my in game money on blocks to build with. It was only £2 for their iron package, so I felt I wasn't really at a loss. Regardless, as I asked them about this 'Donator Market' they couldn't help but persist that I buy the higher paying package, and were almost hounding at me for my money like food deprived seaguls!

They promised that this 'Donator Market' would be build on the day that I donated, and that day did come. Only to be unrewarded with a void /warp and radio silence from the staff. It's safe to say that I lost interest in this server and continued my search.
Don't fall for the trap of the greedy server owners game! Look for servers with sencerity and a real passion to just have fun with the players. And if you do find such a server, then let me know! I would love to assemble a team of survivalists and have a genuine reason to play

For the meantime, I think i'll just stick to teaching my girlfriend how to play and building on creative.

Thanks for reading!

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As a server owner, i find people who do this disapointing.  Having a buycraft market for VIP/donator is one thing, but for everythign you make available for perchase, you should always give another way for users to buy it and without making it overly complicated. For instance,  I have diamond gear on my server as a noncraftable item and diamonds as currency. One could always buy a buycraft package and get your diamond armor or tools, otherwise you can go on quests, clear dungeons and nab rare mob loot to get them, heck you can kill other players even to grab theirs, but it's very possible to find most everything one could you want without having to pay for it, but by playing the game and enjoying yourself.

What i found out was the people who donated weren't even the people who wanted name changes VIPrank, titles, fancy named swords or even more in game money. The people who donated are the ones who chose the 'tip of appreciation' packages or the 'support the server'. By creating a fun community, people were more willing to give just for the server rather than to get anything to make themselves 'better' than the rest of their friends or to unlock new abilities. For me, this is a touching thing. And like op said, the game still isn't a way to turn a profit.  As a host I probably get just about as much to cover desktop parts that break, and my 'biggest' donation was a mailed in brand new router after my old one started to go to shit and effect the server. Its stuff like this that makes me want to give back to my players, not just try and see what else i can get from them, because that's the thinking of a doomed community. 

I really enjoyed reading through your blogs, Welsh and hope you continue with them. You have a subscribe from me, and I hope you continue to enjoy the minecraft communities you are a part of. Thanks!
Hey :) I understand your pain. I'm a server owner myself, and we get players coming on who are glad to have an owner who is above the age of 14. With some Towns, grief-protection and an encourage friendly atmosphere we try to keep things great.

I also realized that people don't have any goals in a normal survival MC server. That eventually, after they've built their buildings and have equipted themselves in full diamond Armour that there really isn't anything to do anymore. That's why we brought in plugins for people to work to - the ability to level up in a specific profession to be the best on the server, to level up certain skills to be the most powerful or to build the largest server town, with the best buildings.

Also agree with you on these 'pay-to-win' servers. We managed to implement a system where you don't get anything 'over-powered' for donating, just some stuff that'll make you're gaming easier, recognition for your donation, and a boost in certain skills. I usally ask people multiple times before they donate if it is really what they want. Something wrong about taking money from people, but the ones that donate to us don't do it for the rewards, but because they love the server and want to see it grow!

I would really love it if you could come check us out, you seem like a decent guy who would be a great addition to our community  :) - MCSC.Fluctis.Com:25801
  • Aelinexos
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • February 25, 2014, 11:56 pm
come on this server play.riskmc.net has friendly staff, creative world, hg world, survival world (with factions coming out soon) :D
  • WelshCake
  • Level 23
  • Expert Geek
  • February 26, 2014, 12:55 am
Awesome :) when I get home I'll check this out, I'm loving this feedback
emenbeesmp.com im a titan on there and its alot of fun if you want a nice towny survival server if you come on my user is darkslayer1123 but my nick will be the8bitgamer so ya i hope to see you on there
  • WelshCake
  • Level 23
  • Expert Geek
  • February 25, 2014, 10:09 pm
I'll check it would later on today! Do you have a town of your own on there?
yea its called clayage its in a clay biome lol
they have clay biomes?

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