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Shadow [My Own Creepypasta]

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avatar Its_Senpai
Level 31 : Artisan Cake
Hello... my name is ethan im 16 years old and today i will told you a story that how i create my imaginary friend... that i never think he become a monster

At school everyone bullies me becuase of my Biological father died... im always the quiet kid who sit in the corner... the black sheep... the noneone but when im at home is worst... my dad always drinks and smack me becuase he say its fun and my mom never say nothing becuase of fear from my father cuase he abuse her im always in my room just crying and crying becuase i feel hes not my father sometimes i wish i can have one friend... who i can play with and trust and always have fun with.

One day when i came back from school i run into my room becuase i know my dad will wake up and hit or smack me... when i walk into my room i heard a voice... i did not see anyone and i heard it agian i tought i was crazy but the voice said "CLOSE YOUR EYES AND YOU WILL SEE ME" so i close my eyes and i was in a dark room where i cant see anything but then i hear footsteps then i look behind me and i see my self with diferent clothes and his name was "William" he asks if i was alone with no friends... i said yes... and then he said "I'll be your friend form now own" when i heard that i smile for the first time and i run into him to give him a hug when i open my eyes it was already night like 9 or 10 so i went to sleep.

The next day when i finish school to went to the park and play with my new friend even hes not real... for me i feel he was real i was happy becuase i have someone that i can finally tell my problems and secrets it was the best momments of my life but while i was growing i start getting away and away from William intill one day i complete forget about him...

When i was 14 the police arrest my dad for abuse when i see my dad in the cop car i feel freedom and my mom was crying of happiness, when he was gone my life was getting better noenone was bully me i make new friends and i was getting good notes in school even i got a girlfriend! witch i never thought i will get one...

One day while i was sleeping i hear a voice saying: "REMEMBER ME! OLD FRIEND!" It was W-William! my imaginary friend.. when i see him i was happy to see him agian but when i was about to give him a hug he push me when i see his face he was crying and i said " I'm sorry... its just... i was grewing and i forget all my child memories and yes you... but im here agian friend! i can finally see you one more time!"

He look at me and i look at me and william give me a smile and i hug him then he said: "You know there's a way that i can be real!" i was confused and a bit nervous but i thought it will be a great idea to bring him to life so i sneak into the school and went into the baseball field...

So i create a circle with blood of an animal and i repeat words that he give me when i said the words lighting struck the middle and i run away from the middle while the lighting was getting bigger and bigger... then i see William! i was so surprise and happy! that after william open his eyes hes sees me and run into me and give me a hug i was crying of happiness becase i have my old friend... so i bring him to my house with out my mom noticing he was happy then he ask me:

-Do you have friends?

I knew that william was my first friend and if i told him that i have new friends i will make him feel bad so i lied saying yes when he heard that he smile and invite me to play games with

It was the most happiness felling having my first friend that help me feel happy and that im not alone to bring him to life but one day i was walking with my girlfriend and she left me into my house when she kiss me i walk into my room and walk up the stairs i saw william was in the corner i touch him in the shoulder and he said: "WHO WAS SHE? IS SHE YOUR NEW FRIEND?!" i said no she was only my girlfriend but he was screaming why telling me i was lying to him, that i was his only friend and i cant have no friends only him so i leave my room to give him space...

After a couple of weeks he became more and more insane telling me that not to talk with anyone, looking at someone and just play with him... one day when i walk into my room William was at the floor looking at me with creepy eyes and smiling and he said like always: "HOW WAS SCHOOL... FRIEND" i knew it was time to talk to him saying he had to go so i sit in the floor and look at him and said: You cant longer control my life i know i made you, so you can be my friend but now you taking this to seriously , when he heard that his face was twitching, so i got up from the floor and went to my door, when i was going to open the door to go down stairs he giggled and said: "Oh im more that just imagination my dear friend trust me..." when he said that i look at him and scream: "YOUR'RE NOT REAL! I MADE YOU, I CAN ERASED YOU FROM THIS WORLD!" after that i close my door and i hear him
laughting... but i ignore it.

When i finish eating i went into my room to see if was relax but then he was no longer there, i tought that i earsed him from this world i feel relieved that he was no longer part of my life... After a couple of week everything was going normal like nothing happen but then people start getting lost, everyone at school was getting worried and the police came into my school to investige and question about if we know something about those people but i notice that the people who were disappearing where my friends... in recess i went to my locker and i saw a note with blood that said: "NOW IM YOUR ONLY FRIEND FROM NOW OWN!" -S when i see the letter i knew it was william

That night i run into all my friends house but noneone was there including there parents but when i enter one of my friends house i see note in the wall saying: Now its your girl who is next i knew he was getting my girlfriend so went into her house when i arrive her door house was open when i walk in the walls cover in blood i keep serching for my girlfriend when i see her parents in the floor with marks of knife in the back then i heard a laught upstairs in my girlfriend's room so i grab a knife from the kitchen and run into her room when i open the door...

It was william! cover in blood with darken clothes and his eyes were black with red pupil and crying blood, his crooked neck looking at me with a smile i was crying screaming at him why he do this i went down to my knees... he keeps laughting then he said : OH IM NOT DONE YET! I NEED TO KILL THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD WHO CARES ABOUT YOU! i knew he was talking about my mom so run down the stairs and running to my house hoping it was not late, when i arrive i call my moms name but no respond so i enter the house to serch for her, then the door shut behind me i try to open it but it was jam then i feel a deep breathing in my spine... and i heard words that i never hear in my life only in movies: " IM STILL YOUR BEST FRIEND RIGHT!? when i look behind me it was william holding a knife with my phote of me when i was a child then i break the door down and i quickly went to the police and told them what i saw... when they arrive he was not longer there the police question me if i see anyone but i told them about william but they never belive me then a cop give me a note saying : No matter how far you live i will always find you becuase im part of your mind

Now im all alone with noneone to trust... even tho he desapears i still fear that he will hurt someone... and for you people who always have this types of imaginary friends never and i repeat NEVER! give them life! becuase you never know who you create or made ...and how he will react to your new friends. inlcuding to this day i fear for my life... and i fear hes revenge will become real

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Never stop making skins and storys

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