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Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai EPISODE 1 [Let me know if i continue]

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avatar Its_Senpai
Level 34 : Artisan Cake

Episode 1.

*Trains sound*

Ethan: *sleeps*

Brandon: *looks into the window*

Logan: *Look into the window too, but he sees a sgin*
Logan: Brandon ¿did you see that sgin?

Brandon: Yeah i see the sgin

Logan: thats good umm..¿Should we wake Ethan up?

Brandon: Yeah, he better know that we arrive

Logan: Pss ethan.. *shakes him a bit*

Ethan: *slowly wakes up* H-Huh... *Yawns* What is it guys... ¿have we arrive yet?

Brandon: Yeah, in fact look outside

*Ethans Look´s outside and sees some buildings*
Ethan: Wow... looks awesome

Logan: Yeah, Wait.. ¿can you guys remind me why we decide to move to Japan?

Brandon: Because we convinced our parents to let us move to Japan in exchange for us to study

Ethan: Yeah, that´s why we came here and all that

Logan: oh okay

Brandon: *Yawn* well.. it was a long trip but we finaly here

Ethan: You´re right Brandon it was a long trip, *Smells his shirt* Ew, i need to change i small like trash *Grabs his clothes and heads to the bathroom*

Brandon: *Smell his shirt* I need to change too *Opens his suitcase and grabs some clothes and heads to a room*

Logan: yeah you right i smell also bad... *Goes to another bathroom*

*9 Minutes later*
*Brandon and Ethan exit*

Ethan: aw fresh new clothes

Brandon: yeah, wait ¿Where´s logan?, ¿Is he still in the bathroom?

Ethan: *Knocks on the bathrooms were Logan is*
Ethan: Logan ¿what takes you so long to change clothes?

*In the bathroom*

Logan: Wait! I´m putting on my shoes!

*20 Secends later, Logan exit*

Logan: There!

*Brandon and Ethan look at Logan*

Logan: ¿What?

*They both sighs*

Ethan: Forget it

*15 Minutes later*

Train speaker: Now arriving to Toyko, Japan I hope you enjoy the trip, Have a nice day

*Everyone steps outside of the train while Logan and Ethan looks around and Brandon takes picture*

Logan: *Takes deep breath*
Logan: Finaly! a 10 hour trip and we are fanily here!

Ethan: It was worth the wait

Brandon: so, ¿What Now?

*The 3 of them walk*

Ethan: Well, There´s suppost to be someone that will pick us up and takes us to our new home

Logan: and ¿how we gonna know who is it?

Ethan: They gonna hold a sgin with our names ¡DUH!

*They walk off the train station and see a bunch of people with sgins intill they see a girl holding a sgin with Ethan last name*

Ainu:¿Mister Ethan,Brandon and Logan?

Brandon: yes thats us

Ainu: Oh! Im Ainu Takahashi i´m your driver and i will take you to your new house ,here let me help you guys with your backpacks

Logan: No is okay, thanks for the help but we can do it ourselfs

Ainu: Ok follow me

*The 3 of them follow Ainu to her car*
*Everyone get in the car and Ainu starts the car and drives while talking to the 3 of them*

Ainu: So.. ¿What you guys come from?

Brandon: From U.S.A

Ainu: and ¿how is U.S.A?

Logan: is very cool, kinda of a mess, but after all is cool

Ainu: *Coughts* so.. ¿how you guys meet?

Brandon: Oh we meet very long time ago

*Ethan look into the car window while Logan and Brandon keeps talking with Ainu*
*25 Minutes later, they arrive at the new house*

Ainu: Well we are here

*The 3 of them exit the car and grabs his stuff*

Ethan: Thanks for the ride

Logan: Wait! ¿are we gonna see you soon?

Ainu: Yeah, you gonna see me very soon, well i hope you guys enjoy the trip i got to go Bye *waves*

*Ainu drives away while Brandon, Logan and Ethan look at his new house*

Brandon: well.. we are here...

Ethan: ¿Who has the key?

Logan: I do *Shows the Key*

*Logan walk to the door, then he inserts the key and opens the door*

Ethan: Must say... This home looks great

*Logans pushes Ethan away*

Logan: Im taking the room that is upstairs!

Brandon: eh.. ¿should we-

Ethan: Let him have fun


*Ethan and Brandon enters into Logans room*

Brandon: *Grabs the Note*

Note: Hello there, Today i write this note to you saying welcome to your new home and saying that tormarronw will be your frist day on school on this box is your uniforms hope you enjot them

Logan: Well, looks like shopping the uniforms is over

Ethan: Yea... well we need to unpack

*38 Minutes later*

Brandon: *sighs* there... all done *Looks the time on his clock* geez its almost night time

Logan: well im gonna change.. *grabs his pijamas and walks to the bathroom*

Ethan: *yawn* im gonna *jumps into his bed and sleep*

Brandon: hehehe... *yawn* same im sleeping *goes to his bed takes off his glasses and sleeps*

Logan: G-oh... okay *turns all the lights off and sleeps*



*Everyone is still asleep*

Ethan: *slowly wakes up* *Yawns* *Opens one eye and see the time*
Ethan: AHHHH OH NO!!! *get out of bed and Starts screaming at logan and brandon then run to the closet and gets his uniform* GUYS WAKE UP WE ARE ALMOST LATE!!!

Logan: wa... *open both eyes and see the time* OH #"$!$ YOU RIGHT *Jumps out of bed* Brandon wake up *Logan hit brandon on the head and runs to get his uniform*

Brandon: wa- OH MY GOD!! *Jumps out of bed and heads to the closet and gets his uniform*

*A couple of minutes later*

Ethan: Guys !¿!have you seen my shoes¡?¡

Logan: No !¿!Have you seen my tie!?!

Ethan: Same no

Brandon: guys hurry!

*Logan and Ethan runs down stairs*

Brandon: quick grab a toast!

*The 3 of them grabs a toast and exit his house before logan stop and closes the door with lock and runs behind Brandon and Ethan*

*On the street*

Brandon: Cant belive we almost gonna be late on our first day of school

Logan: its all Ethan fault!

Ethan: Yeah, Yeah like always *he looks serious*

Brandon: *muffers* like always

Ethan: what you say!

Brandon: you heard me!

Ethan: wanna fight

*Brandon and Ethan starts fighting*

Logan: *looks ahead and sees a bunch of people*
Logan: Umm guys...

Ethan/Brandon: WHAT!

Logan: *points at the people*

´╗┐Ethan: what the...


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