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Siestas return to Monster High.

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avatar Shanery
Level 33 : Artisan Prince
Siesta sighed as she done another arm stroke. And another. And ano- Oh wait. Something was stopping her. She looked up and before her there was dirt... Dirt meant land. And she turned to her side. A dock. Siesta quickly scrambled up the worn steps of the dock and dried off. It had been so long..... Monster High. This was where she had met Grey all those years ago... So many good memories. So many bad memories. Siesta heard a cough and splutter behind her as Miesta clambered up the stairs. She had been complaining the whole journey from Hell back to Monster High. "Ahhh... Finally. Why did you have to make me come with youuu.." Miesta complained, pouting and collapsing onto the grass. "I did not, Miesta. You asked me if you could come." Siesta said softly, her eyes trained on the school, wondering if it was even still in use. There was candles lit, so maybe. Siesta wondered if Grey was still here, or if he had gone somewhere with that wolf girl. Siesta remembered her, vaguely. She had often stared at her with extreme jealousy when she found her biting Grey. Truth was, Grey was just good friends with her, but Siesta didnt really care. When she stopped dreaming, Siesta found Miesta looking at her from above. Siestas cheeks grew a rosy shade of red and she pushed Miesta. "Oo la la" Miesta chorused, turning around and putting her arms over her shoulders and pretending to kiss someone. "Shut up" Siesta said, embarrassed. Miesta laughed and they continued towards the gates. Miesta slowly opened them and they screeched in protest, revealing the doors to the school.
CreditDarksoul128, for the Monster High Roleplay.

02/23/2013 10:41 pm
Level 26 : Expert Dragon
Nice story! I just wish i still had creativity. It was like it got sucked out of me! :S
02/11/2013 7:55 pm
Level 20 : Expert uwu

Kill it with fire! Just kidding, nice story.
02/11/2013 6:45 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Network
Shane get on chat so I can get you into one of my new comics! ^-^ Also, nice story.
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