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avatar AlphasOmegas
Level 14 : Journeyman Dragon
This is all of my art that i have made. i got onto GFX becuase i use to watch slamAcow and is Animations were awesome but instead of animations i wanted t do still images . After i learned how to do some GFX i seen Alot other Animations i made my 1st render and i thought it was really cool. So i decided to try to learn it myself and after trying and giving up i finally made the decision to keep trying because you never get anywhere if you quit. Therefore , ever since i've been doing art and heres a few i made for some people and for my spare time.

Mans Best Friend Always until The End:

In this image a man and hos dog are at their final jounrey, Being surroundeed by Deadly mobs. The 2 have ther final Goodbyes until their untimely death.

Taking a Break:

In this Render, A WoodCutter was chopping down a tree when an apple Drops next to him, He decides its time to take a break. And The apple was his lunch. *Made By Me from ,My Art Company VisualLab*.

Pirates Vs Zombies:

In This Wallpaper A 2 man crew of pirates are about to port dock, When a horde of zombies ambushes them, The ourates have no chouce but to Defend themselves with their Weaponry and Insane Guns.

Fallen Hero:

In This render there is a Warrior who has faught in man battles, But unfortunately this is his final one, He is exhausted from some much blood shed and falled comrads, he can no longer take it. nad he drops his sword.

Chracter Gaming:

In this image a chracter is playing minecraft. What are the odds.

Piano time:

In this image A chracter "MotionlessOrbit" is playing the grand Piano. Way to go! .

Gaming community:

This is a banner i made for a gaming community.(No Advertisement Meant Just Art).

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