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Sim-U-Kraft building requests [Open]

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patar15 avatar patar15
Level 28 : Expert Explorer
Have you ever wanted to make a building for sim u kraft and you didn't know how to (or you didn't know how to upload it). well this is the place for you just tell me what type of building (Commercial, Industrial, Residential, or Other), tell me the name of the structures, and then tell me what it would look like (example: [amt. of rooms(the dimensions of the rooms)] [dimension of house] [what its made of] (how many stories) (extra information about it)) and please give me you minecraft/ planet minecraft / minecraft forums username so i know who to give credit to (please note all building suggest will be credited by me in the actual mod b/c i built it) all the building created will be above where all the planet minecraft pictures usually are. the minecraft forums post is here.

Currently Made by Me:
Type: residential
Name:Small House C
Suggested by: patar15

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08/10/2014 9:48 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Pokemon
spongedog10 avatar
Can you make a tutorial of how to do this please?
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