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ACT I SHORT STORY - Sisters of Arms (Sunshine After the Rain Community Event)

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CassandraStudios avatar CassandraStudios
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Part of Legacy of Prometheus Universe. Written for Sunshine After the Rain Community Event, even though it has little to do with the theme.
This short story covers the relationship of twin sisters Joan d'Gaulle and Charles d'Petain, and how they got attracted under Aisleen's banners.

Aisleen's masterful leadership during the recent conflicts with other warlords earned respect from many within the ranks, and many flocked under her banner.
Joan d'Gaulle and Charles d'Petain were no exception, having already considered joining the newly-risen clique for adventure.
However, Joan had too much of a issue with unstable temper. Miss Charles on the other hand, was born with cracked bones, thus had to be fixed on a horse.
And that doesn't mention the air in their homeland either. Without the balance, rivers didn't naturally exist and water instantly evaporated. These that remained were extracted from Eternity Trees and its surroundings - natural sources of life.
Aisleen and her husband walked before the pre-made altar in her backyard.
I, Aisleen, hereby ask the gods to answer my heed.
Please send the fury of earth if they're unworthy in our ranks.
And I, her spouse, merely request the same
And the rain and thunder for their devotion.
Hearing the call of Aisleen, the artificial moon - Hemlighet, decided to have a try of their latest invention - the weather changer.
And the admission was accepted, the rain and thunder showing approval from the Mother Nature.
(to be continued)

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