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Skin For Cracked Players

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avatar TinyTomato
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There are 2 (Perhaps more) ways to get a skin with out mods wit a cracked mine craft account.

Way 1: Just type in the name of a premium member if you start mine craft (only works on good cracked versions so a last login hack will not work with this way) But with this way you can't decide which skin you want.

Way 2: This one is more complicated. You go to %appdata% and then to application support. then go to .minecraft and go to bin. Then rename mine craft.jar to minecraft.jar.zip it will give you another mine craft.jar but you can open this one more easier. Then enter the new map that whas created. Go to the mobs map in it. Delete the char.png. Then go to planetminecraft.com download a skin you want (It can also be downloaded from another site but planetminecraft has the coolest skins) Do not click change my skin but really download the file. Rename the file to char.png and drag it into the mob folder where you deleted the old one from. It can be changed any time with every skin. But it has a few things you must know with this way:

Everyone without a skin will have the same one as you.
And same as with a texture pack ONLY YOU can see it (Only if your friend also did this with the same skin you will see the same things. For owners of skins if you want to make it cracked players easier rename the files before you upload them this is the choice of the owner of the skin he don't needs to do this.
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