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avatar Zulphiroo
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I have been asked a few times to make a tutorial on how to shade or design skins. I can't make a video, however, so I decided to do a blog.

When I shade, I get my first colour to be quite grey. As an example, I would choose #a56f81 as my first colour. (Search the colour in google if you don't know it.) then the next colour would be something like #bc818d. I go from a reddish colour to a more pinkish colour. and then move the colour selector closer to the white and maybe make the colour less grey and more... full/bright. I keep on with that pattern and would keep moving the colour towards a yellow, ending with #f5dfb8. I would recomend using around 4-6 colours. When shading hair, on the head, the darker colours should be at the bottom and then the colours should get lighter as you get to the top of the head. If you are making long hair, then on the torso the top of the hair should have the darker colour and then the bottom should be lighter. The darker colours from the head and torso should both meet. When shading the arms, the darker colour should be on the inside of the arm and then the lighter colour will be on the outside of the arm. The same should be done with the legs. With the torso, make a line of the darkest colour in the middle and around that graduate into a light colour. Make the sides as dark as the middle, in a line going downwards from the top of the torso.

When you are designing your skin, you should make an unshaded version of it first. Plan out how long you want the sleeves to be and what clothes they should wear. To make the skin even more interesting and eye-catching, you should add on details like: flowers, antlers, dots, patterns. Make a key of what colours you want to use when it comes to shading and make sure they don't look plain!

Colour use examples:
1. #b49bc0, #bfbbdd, #deeaf2,#edf7f8,#fefefe - light blue hair shading
2. #f2a4f9, #fdb9d9, #fee2bd, #fef8bd, #fefed6 - pink-blonde hair shading

3. #512f40, #683c4c, #8e494f, #b66763, #c78976 - brown/orange arm shading
4. #353846, #3b4554, #465d6d, #557883, #619b9e - blue arm shading

5. #be7d89, #cc908f, #d4a496, #e1b1a3 - skin shading /1/
6. #fcb9ab, #fddac9, #feefdc, #fefaf0 - skin shading /2/

Please feel free to comment your own tips :)
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