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Level 22 : Expert Ninja
-I AM NOT: targeting any specific person on the site, those of you claiming "WTF NO MY CONTENT IS GOOD" i did not even know you existed on the site until you commented this is not about any one specific person or group of people this is NOT about people, its about what they submitted not who they are.-

I have not been a member of PMC for fairly long, nor have i gained amazing popularity or created amazing submissions that everyone loved and trolls despised.
But i have noticed something with the flow of skins created for this site. A considerable majority are all the same re-hashed skin or idea most of them being a few of the following

1. Creeper hoodie or "cool kid with a hoodie" these are everywhere posted every day and consist of the same base.semi tan skin, hair covering one eye, dark colored pants and a hoodie with a creeper face on the back

2. "infected / half & half skins", these are usually standard steve skins or a creeper skin reconfigured for char.png use and dotted with colors of a mob that suddenly developed a disease that assimilates you into its species

3. "Mob-in-a-suit" i must admit, when i first started playing minecraft i thought a creeper in a suit with 3D shades was the greatest thing ever. But can we please stop? if you see some one else do a skin a specific way or with a "catch" like the whole suit and tie thing just don't do what they did. Can we all be non conformists for like a week and make content *NOT* similar or based of something else? ....please?

3.5 "Mob with a hidden blade" more commonly known as: "assassin mobs", being a fan of assassins creed it really makes me wonder how a skeleton that makes noises even when its standing still could be stealthy ... or a zombie the groans or a creeper that is meant to explode (3.5 because this is to similar to mob in a suit basically)

5. Anything with a diamond tool on its back. These are commonly a poorly made "adventurer" skin and sometimes the first skin the user creates, no artist famous or not famous, tried to submit his/her first piece of artwork to a museum so why submit it to a site like PMC ? (sorry if im insulting some people who are not the greatest artists but please if you not the best then take time to practice making skins and submit the ones you start making after about a 3 weeks of experience of creating shades,clothing,eyes,hair/hat layers, and detail. Practice is what makes you good at anything but you have to try and not give up after the first roadblock)

6. "IT CAME FROM NOTCH'S MOTHER" .... aka "Herobrine", (Dear members of PMC I will not sit here and debate if its real or not.) These are not as common anymore but still clog up the skin submissions page. Any mob skin with white eyes or the face of steve put in an assassin's creed skin and retextured eyes did not take long to make (this includes suit skins) and if no effort was put into it do not upload it to the site

6.5 uncommon but there is still more then 20 of them, i do not know how to describe this but ... its a totally white skin with a colored outline (the outline being all 1 color). Remember what i said about effort?

6.6 "Knights" (Please note that while a majority of these all use a skin based off of some runescape skill cape skins i saw a while back made by "Hardstyle" i do not know if he made this style of armor first but everyone seems to copy it) These really are, just re-colored versions of a skin series by Hardstyle. They all look exactly alike but with a new color for the cape and some bits on the arm and a 2x2 dot in the middle of the "helmet" which always has a weird checkerboard style design of 2 colors. Example: the knight copy is red, the 2x2 checker colors would be the base color of red and a darker shade of red

7. "The mess" again ... a skin submission you see on every 4 pages or so, this skin looks like someone loaded a pixel firing shotgun with every color in their skin edit program possible. And then fired it. to the point of beating the shit out of a dead horse. The result is a messy blob of colors, i understand saying "i had fun" in the description ... but why would you submit that in the first place? think about all the skin submissions on this site, now think about the pile of junk ones here. What do you get from adding to the land fill?

8. Any standard skin can have effects added to it right? Most of us have seen skins that claim to have a moving mouth or eyes and these are normally clever creations. But adding "blood" on a skin is not. great practice for making a zombie skin but we don't need anymore submissions of Steve looking like he just got in a fight with every UFC fighter in the history of the sport

9. "Now with a new color!" These are commonly new "versions" of a semi popular or popular skin ... but with a new color as the base/main theme. These are not new skins. These should not be uploaded to the site at all, if you the skin designer liked one color over another then you only upload the color you like most not every single available color in your skin edit pallets. Also, i understand we associate colors with powers of some sort for whatever reason we see red, we think fire or if we see shades of white and blue and grey we think winter. While this is because we see things in color, making a skin a shade of green and naming it "power of earth skin" does not make it any different from you "power of fire skin" or however you named it. (generic skin names, not targeting anyone so don't you dare start getting defensive in the comments about the skin names targeting your skin line)

If you did not put any effort into a skin, please do not submit it to this site. Quality not Quantity, yes there is freedom of speech and unless the skin is copied/stolen no one is going to stop you from submitting thousands of junk skins but would you rather not take the time to learn how to make skins with detail? Thats the 1 and only thing you need to make a skin that gets popular. Detail eyes that don't look like stickers, hair that uses the hat layer clothing that under shirts with a jacket that possibly could use the bottom of the hat layer as a "collar" clothing that resembles clothing in general. All you have to do is know how to make parts of a skin, then let the creativity flow with it.

Thats all i have for now, this was my first blog its more of a rant with a few comedic elements (mainly the way i phrase things, and in real life they get through. Thats not always the same when using the internet)
Sorry that this ended up being so long but I came here looking for skins and i have a folder that is currently 4MB of skins, all in folders with genres. (which is why i have my eyes glued on the skins page) After awhile i started to notice the amount of stolen skins which thank god were removed quickly but the skins that were unoriginal in every way shape and form were just ... left there. unoriginality is grounds for reporting but i not for removing? whats the point of even removing a skin that is stolen if you don't remove the skins that just clog up the site? Think about it

Copied skin: will get few downloads, original will grow at the same rate anyways while the copy clogs the site with more copies like it

Junk skin: gets virtually not attention, clogs up the site

Having said that, ill end it with this:

Think before you hit submit.
"Did i work hard and put effort into this submission?"

"Is it original?"

"Is it Original but still following a trend in skins?"

"Would i myself, the creator use this skin and even go as far as to show it off on servers, servers even more judgemental then pixel art servers"

Simple as that, now lets hope my words don't fall on def ears

Note: Inspiration for this goes to a user named "Alice Foxfire" for making some of the most (in my opinion) original and detailed skins I have ever seen.
CreditAlice Foxfire

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08/01/2014 6:09 pm
Level 46 : Master Magical Girl
ralts avatar
Agree with #9. Me: (goes on Skindex and looks at the recently updated skins) Hmmm...... (Sees this: Red DJ Teen, Blue DJ Teen, Pink DJ Teen, Green DJ Teen, Purple DJ Teen). Technically, they were just the same skin with different colors everytime. Me: WOW. :(
09/01/2012 12:05 pm
Level 29 : Expert Creeper
Arakune avatar
I like the fact that you upload this, even though you uploaded one of my skins!
11/22/2011 8:04 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Skinner
Cadsuane avatar
Part of the reason that I chose PMC as my base over the other skin sites out there is because the rating system and viewing options do allow the cream to rise to the top (as they say). Good original skins do still get buried ten minutes after they're uploaded, but if a skinner continues to add good content, then people will slowly find them, either by linking from their newer content or through searching for particular theme. Then through subscriptions, and finally from their high ratings.

In general, I do agree with you, though. I love medieval stuff (and even uploaded my own original knight skin recently), but I still don't think most of the ones on here are worth the time it takes to flip through them. Or that the people who made them spent much more time on them than that!
People should make whatever they feel inspired to make, but they really need to think twice before uploading them. Make them for friends, for practice, just because Legend of Zelda was your favorite game ever, but...do they need to get uploaded if they don't add anything to what is already here? It doesn't need to add much (I don't get irritated by the hoodie kids if I can tell that they're made custom to look like a particular person), but it does need to add something. What's the point in another Link given the quality of some of the others out there? And even then I could kind of understand uploading if lots of work went into it. But the scribble skins? Has anyone even looked at those since the first half dozen came out?

I really think it's best for everyone if people wait a while before they start uploading. I was skinning for months before I did, and do not regret that wait. Yes, I might have been accruing a bit of exp, but when I look at my originals I know that I'd be embarrassed if they were out in public. I'd have deleted them from my account long ago anyway!

I would make exceptions for any skinner uploading to get constructive criticism. But I don't think I've ever seen a skin uploaded for that reason. Praise, yes. But not constructive criticism.
11/22/2011 9:03 pm
Level 22 : Expert Ninja
Arzu avatar
hey this was made awhile ago, how did you find it?
11/22/2011 9:52 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Skinner
Cadsuane avatar
Looking through the "most favorited" blog posts. I'd never really looked through the blogs on here until today, so that seemed a good section to wander through and see what's out there.

Thanks for the compliment on my knight. I really wasn't fishing for it, just wanted to point out that I'm not against the genre so much as what people do with it (or rather, what they don't do with it). And you're quite right there. I do "see those everywhere. Over and over." *sighs*
11/22/2011 8:38 pm
Level 22 : Expert Ninja
Arzu avatar
I love your knight!

and the knight skins i was talking about are these: www.planetminecraft.com/skin/gold-templar-scout/

you see them everywhere. over and over.
11/12/2011 9:15 pm
Level 81 : Elite Architect
Nefashus avatar
So many text ;o

Will read it now
11/12/2011 9:32 pm
Level 22 : Expert Ninja
Arzu avatar

11/10/2011 10:51 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Pixel Painter
thefungi avatar
dude i havet read this until now and your a good blogger XD
11/10/2011 11:23 pm
Level 22 : Expert Ninja
Arzu avatar

and you should have read it before rofl XD
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