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Skintober 2018

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avatar BudderyMonkey
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Dedcided to do Skintober this year! I haven't tried it before and will probably have a hard time keeping up with posting. However, I'm looking forward to trying this out.
(I spent 5 hours on my list (not kidding) and for the skin for the post on skindex (My skindex is BudderWorior101))

If you're joining, let me know in the comments! Looking forward to seeing what you guys do. You don't have to use my list but you're welcome to!
Here's my list!
Skintober List
(Yes, I realize that I centered number one and it would've been better if I hadn't. The reason for that was that I wasnted to give the list a sort of calender look, but October starts on a monday, so of course seven numbers didn't fit into one row. Then, I got rid of that and didn't realize how silly it looked with number one centered. I would've had to completely redo it to fix it as I had already closed the app and it didn't save.)

Just realized I have a duplicate on there. For day 9 and day 20. Instead of Mummy for day 9 I'm going to do a cat theme.
A little clarification on day 31: Djinn. A djinn is a monster from Supernatural but it's very alike to a jeanie. If you want I would make that a free day to do whatever you want.

What is Skintober?
Skintober is an event based off of the "Inktober" event that artists do where you upload a different october themed-skin every day. I was inspired to do this by ElvenJedi who is doing one on her profile (Check it out). Artists often setup a schedule for 31 days of things they want to challenge themselves to draw; in this case make. Everyday of Skintober, skin-makers will create a different skin based around the theme they set for themselves. For more information check out ElvenJedi's post as this was of course inspired by the one she's doing on her profile.

When is Skintober?
Skintober goes all throughout October. (Oct. 1st - Oct. 31st)

I totally stole this layout from ElvenJedi... Check her out!

Comment if you're excited for Skintober!

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Update #2 : 09/29/2018 9:53:25 amSep 29th, 2018

List still didn't work, but it's working now!
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