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Install Salwyrr Client on in: Windows, Linux and MacOS

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Hey guys,
i'ts a new totorial to know how to install Salwyrr PvP client on (it's very easy but i think some people don't know how).

First you have to do is install java (8 of preference) In this tutorial i will not teach you how to install java.
After install java download Salwyrr Client by this website: https://www.salwyrr.com
And that's here that gonna be different from your computer exploitation systems.
With windows it's easy, you just have double-click on the JAR file you dwnload and that will install you Salwyrr Client auomaticly.
It's more complicated on linux fore people don't really know how to launch JAR files.
In the directory you download the JAR file, you have to right click on the directory and select "open in terminal".
That will open a dark window. In this window you have to type "java -jar Salwyrr" (for me the JAR file is called "Salwyrr" but if the JAR file is not called "Salwyrr", type in place of "Salwyrr" the name of you downloaded JAR file.
That will launch the Salwyrr Client correctly.
After you download the file, you just have to right-click on it, select "open with" and choose "open with Java".
The client will be launched.

Thanks for have read this and see you later!

Check this to see a large description of the Salwyrr Client
Don't forget to tell in comments if there is problem or ideas!

Useful links:
All detailed features: https://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/salwyrr-pvp-client-gt-c-ant-miss-that/
CreditSalwyrr Client of course

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