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Smelting pickaxe enchantment

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Level 20 : Expert Architect
I feel that since Mojang is adding enchantments, why not add another one.

Smelting enchantment for Pickaxes. My reasoning behind this is fo when you dont want to wait for your gold or iron to smelt so with the Smelting Aspect added to Pickaxes getting iron and gold is instantanious, same with if you use it on sand it turns it into glass.

Speed: With Silk Touch nerfed via speed wise i feel that Smelting Aspect should be too, at the same speed.

Mining: Mining with this enchanted Pickaxe will smelt the following items.

Iron ore - Iron Ingot. Block of Iron - 9 Iron Ingots.

Gold Ore - Gold ingot. Block of Gold - 9 Gold Ingots.

(Since all other ores don't need to be smelted to be and "Ingot", Iron and Gold are the only ores effected.)

Block of Diamond - 9 Diamonds.

Block of Emerald - 9 Emerald Ingots

Lapis Lazuli Block - 9 Lapis Lazuli

Clay (Block) - Brick (4)

(Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle )Wood - Charcoal

Cobblestone - Stone

Gravel - Flint

Sand - Glass

Cactus - Cactus Green (Dye)

(When Mining TNT, the TNT ignights.)

(Optional When mining a wool block with Smelting enchantment, Wool block burns up.)

Level: To get this enchantment it needs to be from a Level 24-30 Enchant. and is compatable with any enchantment accept for silk touch.

I'm prettty sure that there is more that I could add to this but I cannot think of anything. Please comment, it would help out allot. Thank you for reading.

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