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Snapshot 13w36a ! Good or bad?

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avatar ZvedeENG
Level 45 : Master Lad
The new snapshot just came out! 13w36a
So whats it all about? - In a short description, its world generation, decoration, nature and the water and its creatures.
What about the new world generation? - Now we have a large amount of new biomes, a large amount of flowers and grass, new biomes like Savannas, Mega taiga biomes, Ice Mountains even a Flower Biome and lots of more. So much detail to the world.
Also, a lot has been added to the options menu, with the secret settings also, i'm guessing ,theres a way to access it , but first you have to achieve something. A whole new section of settings just to sound. Also new rendering techniques. Theres is also a /summon command, that allows you to spawn any entity wherever you want to and when you want to. And the new /achievement command, that allows you to give an achievement to anyone. So map makers, GO CRAZY! Tons of stuff, i can only imagine how horror maps will be made , with the ability to spawn a mob right in front of your eyes. New fishes with a poisonous one aswell. Two new enchantments for the fishing rod.
You also get this cool effect whenever you fall on a block somewhere high.
New amplified terrain generation, amazing! I think there also now floating island biomes as seen in this picture:

New dirt block. Podzol. I assume that the poisonous fish is ment for brewing. You can initiate running by simply pressing CTRL now! More rebindable keys. And hotkeys. The roofed forest biome is looking fantastic. Villages seem to spawn in random places, even on top of mountains.

But overall is this snapshot good or bad?

Well i don't seem to have any problem with it currently, theres a lot of more exploration to the game. The food is not generated too often as some people might think. Its actualy even more balanced now. Gameplay of adventure maps can now be upgraded with the /summon command aswell as all the decorational. The game looks a lot more beautiful now. I would say that this is indeed a great addition, some people might find some things annoying, like having to reset your maps to have new generating. But the update is really good, balanced nothing has gone wrong and its only to increase the gameplay and the asthetics. This snapshot has a lot to it, also with the hidden feature we don't know about yet. My opinion: This is one of the best snapshots we currently have had, or maybe even the best.

So what are your thoughts, what do you like and dislike?

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1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 09/06/2013 5:01:09 pmSep 6th, 2013

More information on biomes added!

01/11/2014 4:42 pm
Level 24 : Expert Taco
What you saw was a glitch.
09/18/2013 3:46 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Architect
Good nor bad... its AMAZING!
09/17/2013 7:31 pm
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
I have the snapshot, and I'll tell you. its amazing. If you dont want those crazy tall or AMAZING (in my opinion) then you dont have to have them. To get them, set your world option to default or whatever except for amplified. If youw ant the landforms and amazing land formations, simply select the amplified option in your world type. Either way, there are several new biomes, flowers, and fish.
Hope this helped you guys :D
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09/06/2013 7:12 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
This update sounds awesome!!
09/06/2013 10:57 am
Level 27 : Expert Artist
sorry but imo, bad. If minecraft stayed at 1.6 for the rest of it's minecraft life I would be perfectly happy, this new update feels too modded :P
09/06/2013 11:01 am
Level 45 : Master Lad
Everything currently is really good, but if the game doesn't progress, its gonna lose a lot of players.
When i downloaded the snapshot and created a new game, it felt amazing. I felt like i was once again playing minecraft for the first time, like i could run around explore and not know what everything does.
09/06/2013 11:08 am
Level 27 : Expert Artist
yeah :) I just feel it feels so modded
09/06/2013 11:09 am
Level 45 : Master Lad
Its just rather unusual for what they have done so far, but if you think about it, most of the stuff that they add are taken from mods which have been already made.
09/06/2013 12:03 pm
Level 27 : Expert Artist
yeah :D I feel like it's Extra Biomes XL xD
09/05/2013 1:25 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
I think it's great!
Here is my video about it!
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