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Snapshot 14w11b

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avatar Aj678
Level 38 : Artisan Creeper Hugger
Hey everyone, my names Aj678 and first off I'd like to thankyou for taking the time to view my blog. If you enjoy it, please take the time to give it a diamond and leave with a comment telling me what you like or even things I could improve on. Everything will be appreciated! If you have any ideas for something I should build also feel free to leave a comment below! I highly suggest you take a look at My Planet Minecraft Profile to view my other submissions! There you can see my previous submission, Nightmare Survival and many other submissions. I also reccomend you check out my Twitter, aj678aj for all updates on everything Aj678 as well as my YouTube Channel, Aj678 where you can see my previous video NEW Survival Games on SkyDoesMinecraft's Server!  and more! One last thing I suggest you check out is my Skype to get in contact with me,  aj678jaThanks for reading and enjoy the project!   

This snapshot now loads models and not predefined block shapes for generic blocks more bug fixes to the previous snapshot: 14w11a To see the new features of that snapshot click the link. This snapshot fixes the following bugs:
  • MC-50572 Upward facing droppers/dispensers only shoot items west
  • MC-50948 Tripwire hook Texture Messed up
  • MC-50950 Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking entity
  • MC-50951 Flickering world menu
  • MC-50958 Name and ID cannot both be blank
  • MC-50964 Endermite Spawn Egg has the wrong name
  • MC-50975 When ironbars are placed on a block, the lower part is black.

  • MC-50984 Dark Oak Sapling name is missing.
  • MC-50996 Existing player heads only show the default Steve head

  • MC-51009 No podzol in creative inventory
  • MC-51014 Hopper: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 7
  • MC-51016 EnderMites doesn't move
  • MC-51045 Brewing stand graphic shows different things depending on which angle 

All this information and more can be found here.
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