So... Hero brine... My story

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So this whole Herobrine thing is probably played out by now but I wanted to share my experience.

This occurred in 2012-2013 while I was stationed overseas in Afghanistan. Not that it is important but that's when it happened.

I'll preface this by ensuring you that I was playing in single-player mode had no mods, was not connected to the internet and was playing on my laptop. Just some casual goofing around exploring in a mine.

Minecraft was new to me at the time and I recall exploring through a cave. Being that guy that had to mine every single mineral I came across was satisfying, posting torches and delving deeper into the mine as I went.

I remember everything seeming quite normal as I was playing. No strange sounds, artificial underground structures etc... my screen (in-game) flashed and I was no longer in the mine but back on the surface on a small island surrounded by water. the sky was dark and there was a small wooden hut roughly 20-30 spaces in front of me with two rows of torches on the ground either side of the structure.

There was a character (steve skin) with white eyes and a name over the head of "Herobrine" roughly 10 spaces in front of me. between the hut. The character did not move except for his head followed my PC wherever I went. I walked towards the character thinking this was some part of the game but there was no way to interact. I did not strike the character only walked around him. After approximately 10-15 seconds my screen flashed black again and I was back in the mine.

I didn't know what to think about the ordeal and continued playing my game as normal. I eventually googled it to find nothing but conflicting information and the consensus that Herobrine was never a thing.

I haven't played Minecraft for years but my daughter recently got into it as she watched youtube videos of others playing the game. It got me thinking about my experience and I once again looked into it to see if anything had come of it all these years later. After finding nothing of value I decided to share my experience.

If you don't believe me, that's fine. I not fabricating a story for a few minutes of internet fame. I'm just telling my story for those who may have some information on the lore.


(I uploaded a google image of what the skin looked like)
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