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A random story for people who are bored

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So, i deleted most of my old blogs that i feel really ashamed of because i feel like i was really immature when writing them. The Oh god why feeling, you know?

Anyways, scroll down for the reason that you are here.

PS: If you aren't a fan of random stuff, leave this blog. Nao.

So one day a donkey went on a feild trip.

Mister masters!

Yes donkey?

Got any grapes?

No! We only sell lemonade!

You sell stuff? Ripoff, i thought it was free!

No, but pinapples are!


So after that the donkey went to hagrids hut and asked him to give his freind pappie a dragon. hagrid told him dragons can only be aquired from the mighty god pewdiepie.

Sadly, donkey was a barrel. So he asked his freind jennifer, the rock to get a dragon from grandhighmaster pewdiepie. Sadly, jennifer had to dress up as irresponsible dads son.

He was later revealed to be pewdiepi.... I DONT CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE

So then, you know. They got the dragon, but hagrid kinda... raped it?

So they had some hugans, a human dragon hybrid.

They stink sometimes, when i sniff them. but i know mufflecakes will always be a potatoe.

Speaking of toes, i habe 7 toes and 3 toes and potatoes.

Who likes pancakes? I want a pancake. Or mabye a waffle.


First time i read that, i read that as hue, as in the colour's hue.

Lol, mexicans.

hey, speaking of mexoicans, cna i have a taco?

The donkey said. And hagrid said yes!.

But then after that he got fat and died of hypothermia.

and a heart attack.
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