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So... Now what?

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avatar MrNeonShot
Level 20 : Expert Geek
Well, It's been 5 days since I sent the "complaint" message to the moderator about my removed submission's, and it feels like 2 weeks. Within the 5 days, I've managed to:

+ Create a deviantART
+ Draw 2 pictures
+ Dig 7 holes at a neighbor's house
+ Plant 5 Holly tree's
+ Watch my dog eat a mole RAW

+ Start the classic "Doctor Who" Series (what the heck happened to the first Doctor, Ian, Susan(?), and Barbra?)
+ Mom went to the hospital

So, a whole lot has happened in 5 days... It's funny how time flies.

deviantART has been fun to explore, but if you know what's good for you, for Mike's Sake, keep the mature content HIDDEN. Seriously, what goes through these perverts minds when they draw it?
But on the bright side, my favorite game is StarFox, so now my favorite kind of art is Anthro.

The Holly bushes/trees left marks on my hand that looks like ant bites...

And last, but not least, Classic Doctor Who was cool, but confusing.

Well, that was my 5 days, and still haven't gotten a reply about the message, but I've occupied myself for the time being. Thanks for reading, and I'm waiting for a reply, Mr.Moderator.


DISCLAIMER: This is not intended to offend anyone, or be a facebook/twitter post. This is just a blog about the stuff I did in 5 days.

LINK TO ART: http://mrneonshot.deviantart.com/gallery/
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