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Soda SMP - Week 2

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The PMC Soda Community avatar The PMC Soda Community
Level 21 : Expert Community
Wednesday, May 25th, 2023
Players: me, OrderOfChaos, TheMcParrot, OneEyedFreak9487

I logged on, and was alone for a bit. I mostly just walked around, but soon Parrot logged on. Before he logged on, I had left a note in his house about a “proposition.” He met me in my yard, and I explained the proposition to him. (Sorry, I can’t write about it here because it’s private.) We worked on some stuff together, mainly just mining. I was focused on mining cobblestone, while he was looking for ores. When Chaos logged on, Parrot went back home. I did too, but soon went back to the mines. Freak logged on, and while I was mining, her and Parrot got into an argument that almost ended up with Freak coming to kill Parrot. Freak later logged off. Eventually, Parrot revealed he had a proposition for me and Chaos. We met him in his basement (the underground room he made under his house, I also had to lead Chaos there because he’s never been there, and also it’s the title image) and he explained to us that he wanted us to form a group for the three OG SPda SMPers called the Soda Trio (I suggested the more specific Soda SMP Trio). We agreed, and what our group is gonna do is help each other, spar, and protect each other. No killing each other. I spent the rest of my time on the SMP mining and building my shop. I later opened the shop, which was called Twin Birch Farmer’s Market (and which is located on the shore of the mainland along the path), and after selling some stuff to Parrot, he adjusted the prices, which I was cool with. Then, I logged off after he gave me some iron armor. (By the way, Freak, I’m gonna sell it to you.)

After logging off, I also turned on “Show Coordinates,” which also means cheats are technically enabled, but I’m not turning any others on. I logged back on briefly to let Parrot know about the settings change, and also later after that to let him know the server was turning off.

Thursday, January 26th, 2023
Players: me, OrderOfChaos, TheMcParrot, OneEyedFreak9487

I was sick today, so I had some time in the afternoon to play, and I mined a lot. I found twelve diamonds and some other valuable stuff. Then, using the deepslate I got from mining, I made a storeroom under the floor of the monolith; this part of the base will function like a normal house. I then went to mine obsidian with my diamonds and was crouching (on mobile) but I just walked right in there like I wasn't crouching. I know my internet is bad, but I didn't know it was that bad. Anyways, I learned from my mistakes tried to mine obsidian again with a new pickaxe, AND THE SAME THING HAPPENED.
I stopped playing on the server after that. I think we should turn keep-inventory on now.

Later, around 9, I turned on the server and logged on. I mostly just tended to my crops and built a roof for my shop. Soon, Freak joined. While mining, she got stuck in a cave and was unable to escape. Worst of all, Keep Inventory wasn’t on and she had diamonds. So, I had to go on a search and rescue mission to get her. She gave me some directions and I managed to save her. While I did this, Parrot joined. I explained to him what I was doing, and once Freak was saved, I worked on my shop. However, as I worked on the roof of my shop, Parrot tried “fixing” it. (I forgive you, by the way.) He was chopping down the birch trees to make everything uniform and to expand the shop. I told him to stop, but by then it was too late. The right birch tree was dying and the leaves were breaking. (Parrot, don’t take this the wrong way, just venting.) It’s literally called Twin Birch Farmer’s Market! Anyways, I spent the next day collecting birch leaves to recreate the tree as best I could. I did, and Parrot was almost done with his shop by then. He was staring a seaside market. I offered to supply him with stuff, but he didn’t want me to. I spent the next few days getting fish and leaves for him to sell. I came back with 25 salmon and a stack of birch leaves. Freak and I got into a small argument after she threatened to burn our shops. We just ran our shops and gathered materials until Freak logged back on. She began her project of turning the cave she had found earlier into a mining hub. I came down and died a few times. On the second time I went down to get my XP back, I spotted diamonds, and died again because I fell. I came back with an iron pickaxe and mined the two-block vein of diamonds. I died again, this time to spiders, and when I came back down, I got my stuff back because Freak refused to save it. Eventually, both of them left. The last thing I did was craft a diamond sword, and then I went to bed and woke up before logging off.
Parrot Island
Soda SMP - Week 2

Friday, January 27th, 2023
Players (so far the highest player count): me, TheMcParrot, OneEyedFreak9487, Emminlk12, CatMeowWow121, JPWiggleBottom

So, I logged on right after Parrot turned on the server, and we mostly just did some stuff. Then, the best thing happened: a new player joined in the form of Emmin. I began walking to greet her and show her around (it’s a long commute to one of my jobs), but died to mobs and had to walk over to the hotel again. Because of her failed tech fast, she hadn’t read the blogs about this server, so I explained to her the basics of the server as I gave her a tour. She stayed in the suite in the hotel (First customer!) for a bit, but Parrot helped her find a home in the form of an island off the coast of one of the small islands I connected to Hell’s Island. She began building a home there, and I helped her and Parrot out with landscaping. Then, her sister AquaticMouse86 joined (CatMeowWow121, Mouse for short) and I went to show her around. However, I had to quickly leave to turn on “Keep Inventory.” When I returned, I began to give Mouse the same tour, with help from Parrot. However, as I was showing her Freak’s house, Freak joined, as did Emmin and Mouse’s younger sister, JP. Parrot, who was with me to give Mouse the tour, went back to the hotel to get JP set up. Once everyone was acquainted with the server, I went to equip my armor, because I could finally wear armor without using it because “Keep Inventory” was on. I enchanted my diamond sword and newly-made iron axe (which I made to help Emmin and Parrot landscape) in Parrot’s base, and we just did stuff on the server. However, Parrot was stuck in the hotel on the stairs outside of room 102 because JP was basically holding him hostage. I came to rescue him, but when I got there she let him out, then took him back, and then let him out. (By then I was gone.) Eventually, Emmin’s family left and Freak left soon as well, leaving me and Parrot alone. We talked about stuff, and soon Parrot left. I spent the time before and after he left writing a welcome book for new members. I logged for a bit too to finish my next School Story (the one with tags on it) and when I returned, I spent the rest of my time on the server finishing the book.
Me meeting Emmin in the hotel
Soda SMP - Week 2

Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Players: me, OrderOfChaos, TheMcParrot, OneEyedFreak9487

I just logged on and started work on a path between the monolith and the town of sorts we were started in the river.

I found a massive cave when I was strip mining. I found tons of iron, gold. redstone, lapis, and even 6 diamonds. I even found a Geode!

Later that night, I turned on the server and spent time walking around. Freak also logged on and mined in her cave, and I joined her in it. I found 4 diamonds and some iron!

I logged on later that night to join Parrot and we just did some mining and sparring.

Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Players: me, OrderOfChaos, TheMcParrot, Le Piaccu

Well, I logged on at 10 AM (ET) to show Le Piaccu around, and we just did some mining together. (That’s all that seems to happen on this server nowadays.)

I got so lucky today. 21 diamonds, so up to 33. I also found a giant cave I’m not done looting yet.

I logged on around 6:40 and Parrot tried to show me the infinite XP glitch, but it didn’t work on mobile, so he PMed me a mobile tutorial for it.

I logged on later that night and did the infinite xp glitch to get to level 33, before doing some enchanting and then mining in Freak’s mine (Sorry, I needed diamonds and I decided to check yours!) I decided to go to y=12, and it turned into mining in a line at y=12 and then mining a staircase up to the surface. I caught a glimpse of where I’d surface when gravel fell on me (I escaped) and I saw water because it gave me x-ray for a second. When I made it out, I came out on the hub island, in that little water pool next to the stage. I actually did do some mining and then logged off.

Monday, January 30th, 2023 - DRAGON DAY!!!
Players: me, OrderOfChaos, TheMcParrot, OneEyedFreak9487

Parrot and Chaos were on earlier. They were getting villagers to get Mending, and then I got a PM after school from Chaos on the group chat saying Parrot wanted me to log on, so I logged on around 8:40 PM after checking my notifications. He wasn’t on, but Chaos logged on a few minutes after me. He kept talking about how Parrot had messed up (Wow, his name stacked on top of itself 3 times.) and they couldn’t get Mending now. He logged on after about 10 minutes and began to understand things more: they had gotten villagers, and one had Mending, but Parrot had traded and locked Mending, so now they couldn’t get the enchantment.

However, after Parrot logged on, the Soda Trio spent time in his base fixing the villagers and hanging out. Parrot did the infinite XP glitch (which he also showed to Chaos via PM on the group chat with the YouTube tutorial). I also showed Parrot the thing I did yesterday with the cave and the hub, and he made a small cave directly under the hub that is now going to become the Soda Trio’s new base of operations, even though I quite liked hanging out in his basement. We didn’t do much work, but I logged off briefly to check my PMC feed. When I returned, Freak logged a few minutes later.

Once she was, we all decided to run our shops, well, except for Chaos, who stayed in Parrot’s basement trading and doing stuff down there. None of our shops had any business, except for Freak’s, who now added glow ink sacs and obsidian to her stock. I was about to buy 3 out of her 6 sacs when I got a message from Parrot in the chat saying Chaos had found our Netherite mine (Chaos later went to mine for ancient debris). I panicked, told Freak I’d buy it later (and I still will) and raced to my Nether portal. However, when I went through, I went the wrong way out of the portal and fell off the edge of the cliff into a lava ocean (the Nether portal spawned on the very edge of the cliff). I went back and dug through the wall of the mine, going deeper in and eventually seeing Chaos’ name tag, but he burned to death. I went back to the Overworld via suicide by fire.

Once in the Overworld, I worked on a small project in the form of making a flag for my island, where I built up 9 blocks from one of the logs on the corner of my house and used a fence tower as the flagpole. Then, I placed 5 blue wool in a flag shape to look like it was blowing in the wind, and then I destroyed the birch planks I was using as scaffolding.

After that, I went mining in Freak’s second cave, which was much bigger. As I was exploring it (while she mined), I stumbled across a massive obsidian plane, with some lava pools around it. I thought it would be perfect for a PVP arena, so I spent the next 30-45 minutes working on it. I first started by exploring the area around the arena, to get an idea of what to do. I settled on making a seating area on one end of the stadium, which was on the other side of a deepslate wall (it was at deepslate level) that took forever to walk around, so I began mining through it. Before that, however, I built a deepslate staircase on the exit side of the tunnel, and the area I got the deepslate for them from seemed like a great place to make glass walls and build a management office, with a ladder going to an overhead grid for spectators to spectate the game. While mining the tunnel, I also began screaming in chat about the gravel blocking my way, which took forever to mine through because I forgot my shovel and torches. (Freak had logged off by now.) Parrot decided he was gonna come help me, and I told him to bring netherrack and glowstone dust from my “Nether stuff” chest with him. He also showed Chaos the way to the cave, and I explained to them my vision. Chaos also had to leave, so he logged off, and I told Parrot to begin placing glowstone blocks around the arena for lightning while I set up netherrack torches around the complex. However, Parrot reminded me that we were alone.

It was execution time. Allow me to give you a short explanation before the big “Dragon Day” blog tomorrow: for the past few days, me and Parrot have been working together to beat the game. The first step was getting Netherite, hence the mine Chaos found. After we got enough Netherite for both of us to get armor and tools, Parrot worked on getting eyes of ender while I was offline. Then, last night, I downloaded the world file from Aternos and teleported to the nearest stronghold in spectator mode. When I got there, I learned it was [​LOCATION REDACTED] and that the portal had 0 eyes in it. I PMed Parrot the info in the form of a pair of screenshots before I went to bed, and he replied to me earlier today that he got all the eyes. Finally, before Chaos had logged on, I had marked the exact block above the stairs going into the portal room with a dirt tower.

Fast forwarding to now, me and Parrot went home and began preparing. We both got some better enchants on our gear, including Infinity on our bows and we traded with the Mending villager to get Mending on all our stuff. I also gave Parrot a stack of steak, and I gave some to myself, since I had a lot of steaks. Finally, I put on my carved pumpkin, and left the basement. It was night. (Also, the anvil broke and Parrot made a new one before we finished putting Mending on everything.) So, I told Parrot we’d sleep and I’d take him to the stronghold in the morning. We went to sleep and, in the morning, I met him at his house and we headed to the stronghold. I knew the location and the way there by heart, so we didn’t need pearls. Once we got to the portal room, we set our spawn and I put 11 eyes in and he finished the job, before we took some pics, redid those pics because silverfish got in the shoot, and then, on 3, entered the End.

As soon as we got in, Parrot bridged us to the main island (we spawned on the obsidian platform) and I began to water bucket up one of the spires. While I did this, Parrot worked on, well, I don’t know what he worked on, but I took out most of the crystals, MLGed after jumping off, and we fought the dragon. However, I got hit by dragon’s breath and died. When I got back in, the dragon’s health had gone up, and I realized we still had crystals left, so I began to build up the pillar, but the explosion from the crystal knocked me off, and I couldn’t clutch in time, so I died. Parrot also died, so we went back in together and I finished taking out the crystals. Parrot died as I did this, but after he came back, I died a few minutes later. The last thing I saw was the dragon fading away.

As soon as I went back in, I congratulated Parrot, we took more pictures, this time with Parrot holding the dragon egg, and then we fought some endermen we had looked at while taking the pictures (since we were in third person front view and couldn’t see what we were looking at). After that, we returned home. I skipped the credits, and waited for Parrot to finish watching them. I celebrated in the meantime, and we talked about building a trophy room for our trophy. That’s right, it was team effort, so we’re sharing the egg. It legally belongs to players ToxinZombie and IGEBM. Any removal of it from our possession will result in being hunted down and murdered. Parrot stored it in his ender chest while I went and covered up the hole leading to the stronghold. Good luck finding it now, guys!
Me and Parrot about to enter the End
Soda SMP - Week 2

Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
Players: me, OrderOfChaos, OneEyedFreak9487

Not much happened today. I logged on and Freak was already online. I went down to the PVP arena (which was also where she was) and continued work on that for a bit, but then Chaos logged on. I went to the Soda Trip HQ to mine out a storage room, and it was kinda fun. I cleared out all the stone first, and then mined through the chunk of granite that was left. I also set up netherrack torches inside the walls.

Freak logged off and I opened my shop. Chaos wanted obsidian, but reminded him it was a farmer’s market and told him to go to Freak’s next time she was on. However, turns out Freak charges 2 diamonds per obsidian block (Freak, there’s now a rule saying that, unless all players have a good enough amount of diamonds, all items must cost cobblestone, coal, deepslate, or wood.), so I offered to get some for Chaos. He said he could do it himself, and I went back to the HQ to finish mining out the storage room. I then went up to Chaos’ monolith (Freak had also logged back on for a bit and then logged off during this time) and gave him the stuff I got from mining out that room. I left via Chaos’ Nether portal, and soon returned to the Overworld.

After a few minutes of playing, Chaos offered to fistfight me in the (unfinished) arena, no armor, no weapons. I did, and we fought 3 rounds before Chaos logged off and I worked for a little bit on the complex. I went to Parrot’s on my “break” and enchanted some books before using them to enchant my armor. I also killed a couple drowned with tridents and finally fixed my trident, before enchanting it with a Loyalty II book I got from the enchanting table and a Mending book I bought from the Mending villager. (Let’s call him Mender from now on.) Then, I went back to the mine and left a sign near the stairs down to the mine saying that it was still a work-in-progress, and lit it up with a glow ink sac I got from a glow squid I found in the underwater area under the hub. After that, I logged off next to the sign.

So, yeah, that’s everything that happened during the second week on this server. I hope you enjoyed reading about it!
The last screenshot I took of myself from week 2

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Update #2 : by IGEBM 02/01/2023 11:18:01 pmFeb 1st

Re-attached the image, now with the coords blacked out

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02/02/2023 7:04 pm
Level 45 : Master Princess
Arianwyn avatar
Whoa, seems nice !

Too bad I don't have Minecraft yet...
01/31/2023 11:11 pm
Level 25 : Expert Cowboy
LegendarySi avatar
I need to join this server soon. It sounds like so much fun
Also it amazes me how much work you put into each one of these. Your writing skills are honestly impressive.
01/31/2023 11:15 pm
Level 42 : Master Necromancer
IGEBM avatar
If you ever want to join, me or one of the other Soda Trio members can turn it on for you and give you a guided tour.
01/31/2023 11:18 pm
Level 25 : Expert Cowboy
LegendarySi avatar
Yeah if its open for any soda members. I'd love to join. I just don't play too often so idk how much time I'll spend there.
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