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CaptainCarlo avatar CaptainCarlo
Level 41 : Master Zombie
Hello dear judges, I would like to share my perfect ideas for Minecraft.

1. Real world effects - In this idea I think that tornadoes, Sun heat, water drinking, cold/heat meter, earthquakes should be added to Minecraft. All of world effects even breathing and when you get close to snow biome there is a pile of ice around your face, even when you get to desert biome Sun heats you (Real Sun effects like Sun shine...). This is option for ones who doesn't know how to download mods.img__the-mod-spotlight-ep--minecrTornado (Mod but could be true in next update!)

2. Player models - This is from GMod but I think it should get to Minecraft too. When you click C or any else button what Mojang chooses for that, there is a player model menu. Its just like skin gallery but LESS skins. You can choose if you want to make the skin or just get it form menu. You can change color of it too (Contrast etc...).

3. Tools - Real tools. As in the first idea this is for ones who doesn't download mods. This idea is actually not tools from Minecraft (Axe, pickaxes...), they are like crowbar for destroyeing something... Drills, piles of sand/dirt when you dig with the shovel...pngpngMineCraft-Crowbar-Screen-jpgCrowbar!

4. Water, snow, rain - Last but not least, water, snow and rain textures. I think water textures should not be just blue with light blue lines on it. I think it should be... More realistic.SexyWaterisSexypngLike this maybe?

Same with rain. It's just... Blue lines in the air... But Mojang you did really great job by putting splashes there where water is above. I know Minecraft is a pixel game, with blocks and that, but in last updates you guys put something that is not in blocks. Now I can't remember what is that but I think rain and water textures should be more realistic. Snow... Yea... Just regural snow flakes. Well that is a BIT realistic but not really realistic. If you ask me it should be in piles (Bigger snow = bigger snow flakes, less snow = little snow flakes).png Like this?

Thanks for your time stopping by and I hope you readed this all! If you did you are very rare reader, but if you didn't I think you're lazy :) (Just kidding, you dont have to read it all, just diamond and subscribe!)

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12/08/2012 10:41 pm
Level 47 : Master Spelunker
LukeKnight avatar
Nice post! A good way to make people read it more would be to add a few pics,don't ya think? Just a piece of advice here. :)
12/09/2012 12:57 pm
Level 41 : Master Zombie
CaptainCarlo avatar
Added more pictures!
12/09/2012 10:47 am
Level 41 : Master Zombie
CaptainCarlo avatar
I'll try to do best what I can with the pics...!
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