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Some nice ideas for minecraft, check it out

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avatar MarcusDavis2012
Level 19 : Journeyman Skinner
i would like to see notch make the small blocks mod part of the game, with a few changes,

Each block should be made of 4096 smaller blocks, making a 16X16X16 cube (standard texture deffiniation)

Each tool doesnt knock out a whole block with x amounts of hits, it knocks out a radius of said material.

add finite water mod to sand gravel, and top layer dirt blocks, this would smooth the world, making it much more attractive.

Using shovel on anything other than dirt, sand, and gravel would damage it rather than take away blocks.

Dirt is comprised of 3 layers

1st layer, the top portion behaves as sand but can be packed if right clicked with a shovel to make a path

2nd layer, if unsupported the layer will collapse like the gravel we have now. a column of stone will hold a 5x5 area.

3rd layer, found under first 2 and in stone, it is packed tight, will not fall.

i would also like to see more physics. like if u have a room that is 25x25 with nothing in the center, it should be weak in the center and collapse. each material would have its own structure stregth and compression strength.

a few examples could be

stone SS: 6x6 CS, 1x1 tower can support wood, stone, dirt, and glass.

wood SS: 10x10 CS 1x1 tower can support half stone SS and full dirt SS

And TNT should scatter bits of material.

And mining ore should be a carefull process mining the stone from around the ore, and when the ore is completely freed, you can pick up nuggets to be smellted into ingots.

i dont know it sounds complex to do, but it would be so much more fun. What do you all think?

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